A Little Bit of Fiddlery

Those of you obsessed with the sidebars here might have noticed me fiddling a bit with them today, and here’s what I’ve done: I’ve removed the “Recent Posts” section and replaced it with a “Last 100 Posts” section, which now resides below the “Blatheration of Others” section. I did this because I think it makes it easier to casually look through the last month (or so) of entries, if one is of a mind to.

I may do more fiddling with the sidebars today as well, so if you see things moving around or changing, or if the site explodes, don’t panic, it’s just me, and I meant to do that. Yeah.

8 Comments on “A Little Bit of Fiddlery”

  1. So if endlessly fiddling with images is “rasterbating,” and (I just made this up), changing style sheets is “self abuCSS,” then what do you call endless changes to a blog template?

  2. YAY, me likey! Sometimes I want to check on a comment thread that hasn’t been posted recently enough to appear in the Blatherations, and that was a pain before this change, especially if the thread has scrolled off the front page. So this makes that much, much easier. Thanks for this!

  3. Well done sir! It’s about those “Didn’t John post….” vague memory hits and this change makes it a lot easier to find things, especially if you have the short term memory of a carrot (me, me) and cannot remember the exact title or sometimes even the topic. 100 posts gets me there most of the time.

  4. Plus, I like having the Blatherations on top- it makes it easy to see what the latest comments are.

  5. I too, like having the Blatherations on top, though it would be nice if you could expand that beyond the most recent 15, say to 50.

    Also, while I like expanding the number of Recent Posts, 100 seems a bit much. 50 (again) would, IMO, be better. You seem to average 1-2 posts a day, so 50 would cover roughly the past 3-6 weeks.

    Just my $0.02. :)

  6. Recently, I’ve really liked the backgrounds and the picture in the bar that sits above the writing. For a while you were playing around with all sorts of images. I think these art-ified sunset pictures are a good way to go.

    How do you pick the little phrases that appear under “Whatever”?

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