Do You Like Clouds?

I like clouds. Here, have some clouds.

In other news, I utterly failed not to re-download Photoshop. On the other hand, holy crap, is the 64-bit version of Photoshop CS4 so much faster than the version I was using before. I actually feel a little giddy about it. Expect a fair amount of Photoshoppery in the coming days, weeks and months.

14 Comments on “Do You Like Clouds?”

  1. This 64-bit thing, this is new on Windows then? How quaint! :)

    PS CS4 is making me very happy with its new Page Rotate feature and its rather pleasant speed upgrade, immediately noticeable. I DL’ed it 2 days ago and it has already saved me probably 6 hours of work, which means it has paid for the entire CS4 Design Premium upgrade.

    Boo… Yah!

  2. 64-bit isn’t new on Windows, it’s just new to me. But, yeah. It makes a big difference. As does, you know, quad core computer and two screaming fast graphics cards.

  3. Pretty clouds! Are they natural, or have you already started poking around with Photoshop?

  4. They’re actually Bryce Sky #2327a – Scalzi’s Back Yard. From the looks of it, he rendered it with Super Fine Aliasing and Ambience on. Must have taken forever.

    *ponders what Scalzi’s new machine would actually do with Carrara, Bryce, Poser and Hexagon.*

    *Gets the vapors just thinking about it.*

    (Given, of course, that the programs didn’t get the vapors at the sight of all that power.)

  5. Nice…I should send you some pics from Afghanistan, the contrast between clouds, mountains and sun is breathtaking…course so are the big bangs that come daily…

    Enjoyed perusing your site…the pics certainly remind me of home.

  6. Have you heard of the Cloud Appreciation Society, sir? I only discovered it recently myself, but some fantastic photos on their website ( :)

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