Daily Archives: August 1, 2009

Audio Fiddlery

For those of you who are fans of the music I put together, or might like to be, because hey, why not, I went in and put audio streaming tabs into the pages for Music For Headphones, my electronica album, and for “Saturn Speaks,” the piece I put together using sounds of that planet taken […]

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The Kid Only Wants to Play With the Box

Which is fine, because after all it’s my toy that was inside. On the other hand it’s mildly remarkable that the box my new computer came in also rather handily fits a very tall 10 and a half year old. Or would, if we pretzeled her all up in it. But as you can see […]

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Summer? What Summer?

This last July was the second coolest in local history, with an average temperature of 69.5 degrees. Which, is, you know, sick. At least it’s not as cold as the Great Freezination of July 1947, which was so cold that children actually froze in the city swimming pools. Yeah, I’m lying about that. But still, […]

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Your Saturday WTF? Music

So wrong. So right. Nicked from Liz Hand here.

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Your Saturday Wake-the-Hell Up Music

Because you may need it as I did. Meet the Ting Tings: You’re welcome.

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