The Kid Only Wants to Play With the Box

Which is fine, because after all it’s my toy that was inside. On the other hand it’s mildly remarkable that the box my new computer came in also rather handily fits a very tall 10 and a half year old. Or would, if we pretzeled her all up in it. But as you can see she’d rather just lounge.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

34 replies on “The Kid Only Wants to Play With the Box”

1) If she’s gotta watch TV, she’s at least watching *good quality* TV.

2) Box. It’s a lot cheaper than a Barcalounger.

3) She’s being a good kid and letting Daddy play with *his* new toy.

Way to go, John. Looks like you’ve raised yourself a winner.

Well, she’s made herself right at home…pillows, drink, possibly food, probably some hand-held game of some sort.

Kid’s got it made.

Of course it scares me that the box a computer came in was that big to begin with. Are the computers taking over or is it their shipping boxes??

My mom got a new washer and dryer when I was about 11. My dad helped me tape them together end to end and I got to sleep outside in the backyard in it for days at a time that summer.

I traveled through space and time, sailed the 7 seas and won the Grand Prix at least 10 times.

Then, while the warp engines and shields were down due to a Romulan attack, it started to rain. Actually high plains Nebraska thunderstorm. At which point the good ship literally melted into a soggy mess and dad threw it away.

Man, that was great while it lasted…

Kristine, they did! About twenty years ago, you could get living-room furniture made out of corrugated cardboard (many, many layers thick). Mostly very ‘boxy’ in style but I vaguely remember a very curvy chair-without-legs)

I’m loving all the comments to this one. I would SO have been all over (in??) that box myself at her age. I was just as tall and lanky and as a tomboy it would have done very nicely for any number of things. I assume Athena didn’t know you took the shot? Or did she just kinda roll her eyes and do the “DAAaaad” thing? :)

I miss being able to fit in a box that size. Without pain and discomfort. No amount of yoga will help with it.

Cool. A kindred spirit of my daughter. My daughter’s favorite present for her 10th birthday was a huge refrigerator box. It was her clubhouse for 6 months before I got sick of it and removed it from our family room.

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