Your Saturday Wake-the-Hell Up Music

Because you may need it as I did.

Meet the Ting Tings:

You’re welcome.

17 Comments on “Your Saturday Wake-the-Hell Up Music”

  1. I was going to be pissed off about “wake the hell up music” on a Saturdayforcrissakes, but it’s the Ting Tings. So, okay.

  2. Does anybody else find her arms a little disturbing in the photo shown from 1:14 – 1:35? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think your mouth should be wider than your forearm.

  3. OMG, the TingTings go global? The (mostly rather good) album is so full of catchy sampley bits that it’s used as background/library music all over TV here in the UK. A bit like how Moby’s Play was on (seemingly) every TV Commercial. It’s a testament to whoever put their stuff together that it hasn’t started to feel stale yet.

  4. Way ahead of you on this one, sir. But thank you for spreading the magic!

  5. Hypothetical disturbing bumper sticker: “John Scalzi sends me wake-up calls through the Internet.”

  6. A couple of their songs have played on our local college radio. “That’s Not My Name” has also made our top 40 radio station.

  7. Saw them in Philly with my 14-year-old daughter, as her birthday present. (Her first concert ever.)

    First concert for me in decades, in a hot nightclub jam-packed with 1,000 skinny urban hipsters who thought they were going to push past me and my daughter to the front of the dancefloor, but they failed to realize a 250-pound suburban dad protecting a tiny space for his daughter to dance was going to push back and send a few of them to the floor. Which he did.

    Great alt-dance band. Hope they can sustain it with their sophomore release.

  8. The local coffee shop was playing this awesome music a while back which turned out to be the Ting Tings. Good stuff Maynard but I would have used ‘That’s Not My Name’ as a more wake-y song. That and it’s my fave from the album.

  9. Well, to be fare zeph, it was released last summer.
    If you want 1980’s though, I suggest Chromeo and/or La Roux

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