Your Saturday Wake-the-Hell Up Music

Because you may need it as I did.

Meet the Ting Tings:

You’re welcome.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

17 replies on “Your Saturday Wake-the-Hell Up Music”

OMG, the TingTings go global? The (mostly rather good) album is so full of catchy sampley bits that it’s used as background/library music all over TV here in the UK. A bit like how Moby’s Play was on (seemingly) every TV Commercial. It’s a testament to whoever put their stuff together that it hasn’t started to feel stale yet.

Saw them in Philly with my 14-year-old daughter, as her birthday present. (Her first concert ever.)

First concert for me in decades, in a hot nightclub jam-packed with 1,000 skinny urban hipsters who thought they were going to push past me and my daughter to the front of the dancefloor, but they failed to realize a 250-pound suburban dad protecting a tiny space for his daughter to dance was going to push back and send a few of them to the floor. Which he did.

Great alt-dance band. Hope they can sustain it with their sophomore release.

The local coffee shop was playing this awesome music a while back which turned out to be the Ting Tings. Good stuff Maynard but I would have used ‘That’s Not My Name’ as a more wake-y song. That and it’s my fave from the album.

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