Today is National Paint Pottery In Your Own Front Yard Day

I certainly hope you remembered.

36 Comments on “Today is National Paint Pottery In Your Own Front Yard Day”

  1. Ah, how I envy your quaint Northern Hemisphere customs. Down here, it’s National Huddle By The Fire and Listen to the Wind Howl Like a Banshee Day.

  2. Curses! Foiled on my aspirations for pottery ownership.

    Wait, I’ve got pottery, it’s sitting on the concrete. Liar!

  3. In my family, we celebrated ‘National Sit On the Patio and Look at Old Yearbooks Day.’ Thirtieth-year reunion coming up- we figured we’d better brush up on these people.

  4. Dammit! I thought it was Finally Play That Copy of Crackdown You Bought Months Ago Day.

    I hate it when I celebrate the wrong holiday.

  5. I thought today was “Going on a picnic with my family Day” but ended up being “Rolled my wheelchair out onto the soft grass and got stuck until my brother showed up 30 minutes later and pulled my dumbass back onto the path Day”. These holidays can really sneak up on you.

  6. Down here’n Greene County it was “Annual Clean The Dang House and Find the Floor” day.

    I think yours was more entertaining.

  7. I like the look of terracotta pots, but recently learned that they lose so much water through their porous walls that daily watering is indicated in hot weather.

    Are the pots being painted to reduce transpiration? Does it work? What kind of paint?

    What, you mean this isn’t the gardening forum?

  8. I spent the day with friends. Bought California rolls (fake sushi) for one friend who was at work and had a birthday on Friday and then went to see “Up” with a former co-worker who is now a friend.

  9. I am grateful my wife doesn’t follow this Blog. Would be dragging me to Color Me Blind to make a plate or something there.

    But in any event. Today is : Sit on your ass, read books, veg, and enjoy life day. No pottery. To freaking hot outside.

  10. For me it was “there’s a black bear in the yard so let’s play something indoors instead” day. Mind you, we get a lot of those round here so it only counts as a real holiday when it’s a grizzly.

  11. Wait. Today wasn’t National Change the Shocks On Your Wife’s Car Day?

    I could have been “painting pottery” or whatever the kids are calling it nowadays?

    Damn it.

  12. Saturday was ‘sample vegan cake day’; Sunday: ‘poke a stick at the spare room in the vain hope it’ll tidy itself day’.
    Today it is mostly, ‘staring at a computer screen and wishing your boss would have an original thought day’. This one comes around more often than you’d think.

  13. I just cut a deal with my neighbor. She’s going to take over the light gardening of my flowerbeds, I’m going to carry all the pottery I inherited with this house to her house… and she considers this a win-win. I consider it a loss that it took me 3 years of living here to strike this deal. So technically, I’m no longer the owner of any pottery to paint.

  14. That image is suspiciously picturesque. Are you taking pictures of strangers in the park again, Mr. Scalzi?

  15. National Paint Pottery In Your Own Front Yard Day ALREADY??? Where has the time gone?

    I am caught with my pants down (no supplies!)

  16. No, no, no. It is National Paint Pottery In Your Screen Porch Because If You Do It In The Front Yard, Mosquitoes The Size of Hummingbirds Will Suck You Dry and Leave A Bag Of Skin And Bones Day.

    Jeez, get it right.

  17. OK, is that a straight picture, or is it Photoshopped? Almost looks like it’s passed through a photoshop filter, but I honestly can’t tell.

    And any day involving painting pottery in the yard must be a good day.

  18. Deborah @ 12:
    On “Annual Clean The Dang House and Find the Floor” day.

    I’m right there with you…had a clean the house and find the dining room table AND the couch day! Found both, they were still there! It’s a miracle!!!

  19. Why not just put down a drop cloth and paint your potty in the bathroom? Seems a lot simpler.

    Oh! pottERy. I gotta get new glasses or something.

  20. Dang. I always get that confused with “Smash Pottery in the Backyard Day.” I was never good in Catechism.

  21. Good luck. My experience and observation have been that painted terra-cotta flowerpots start looking increasingly dismal after a few weeks — but that’s always involved growing plants in the pots.

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