Blatantly Attempting to Pack a Reading. Two, Actually.

Hey, Anticipation attendees:

Just to let you know, when I do my fiction reading on Saturday at 10am with Peter Watts and Jon Courtenay Grimwood, I’m bringing an ARC of The God Engines with me to give away. To someone. At the reading. If you want to have a chance to be the one who gets it, then you should show up. To the reading. On Saturday at 10am. With me, Peter Watts and Jon Courtenay Grimwood.

Also, when I do my Best Related Book reading on Friday at 12:30pm, with Farah Mendlesohn and Paul Kincaid, I’m bringing a copy of my chapbook Waiting for Athena with me to give away. To someone. At the reading! And etc. Same deal as above: Must be present to have a chance to win. If you’re not there YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOSE. In more ways than one. And that would be sad.

So to recap: Two readings, two giveaways. Simple! See you there.

16 Comments on “Blatantly Attempting to Pack a Reading. Two, Actually.”

  1. I’ll definitely be there for the Saturday 10:00 a.m reading. Driving up on Friday so probably won’t be there until after.

    Safe travels. :)

  2. Nothing wrong with a little bribery.
    And here is an example of why reading is good. Chapbook? Uh what? hmm, google to the rescue! Now I know what a chapbook is. The fact that I have made it through four plus decades without haveing heard the word and could easily go another four decades without using it doesn’t matter, I’ve got a new word in my arsenal.

  3. While I’d love to attend one of your readings, I have to admit the 100$ for the one-day membership is more than I’m willing to dish out at this time… I’ll stick to my own reading, I guess :(

  4. @Cassie: “Waiting for Athena” was the chapbook that was included as a bonus with the limited version of “Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded” from Subterranean Press.

    I’d love to go to the readings, but unfortunately can’t make the trip… Peter Watts’ reading should also be fun – his hardcore scifi short work is excellent, and I’m a big fan of his work. Scalzi and Watts – should be an awesome reading.

  5. Remember kids, that’s Saturday at 10am. In case you forgot, again: Saturday at 10am. Once more for you people in the back…..

  6. Mike Kranjcevich @8: Yeah, ordinarily Scalzi doesn’t need to dangle an extra carrot to get people to come to his readings. But Saturday at 10am?? Now that extra carrot makes sense.

  7. OMG, you know Peter Watts?! He’s so cool! Is he giving away a book?

    Jack Tingle

  8. Hey, since you have all those slavering hordes and all, willing to do your bidding, why not just command your minions to appear at your reading. Or, at the very least, offer them cake.

    Oh…right. Offering them books is good, too. I see your point. (Although Cake is still a wonderful idea. That, and bacon.)

    Break a leg. I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be scores of slavering hordes there, with or without bacon-topped-cake.

    PS. I’m not sure that “scores of slavering hordes” makes a good band name, but it would make a great album title.

  9. Mr. Scalzi,

    Can you change the fiction reading time? Twelve post meridiem would be better for me. I’m a bit of a night owl, just can’t seem to wake up before high noon. Pushing back the reading a few hours would be appreciated. Thanks for the passing audible.

    Peon Po

  10. Ay! well a-day. Good luck piloting the Hugo rocket. Remember, Skip Drive on your right, anti-gravity brakes on your left. I suppose you can land it in one of the crop circles back home . . .

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