Checking in On Day One of Anticipation

Howdy. So far everything is groovy. My first panel went well, hung out with tons of my friends, finally met Neil Gaiman in the flesh and had a lovely little chat, and now about to head out for dinner and then go to parties until it’s time to collapse. This is not a bad way to do things.

Hope you’ve been having an equally good day where you are.

15 Comments on “Checking in On Day One of Anticipation”

  1. I haven’t Neil Gaiman in the flesh yet, so my day sucks, but on the other hand, CSI is on tonight.

  2. I can’t be there, but at least I have my choice of two In-n-Outs on the way home from work.

  3. Does this mean we NOW can expect you to dish the Neil Gaiman inside gossip? You had all these excuses before, claiming you didn’t actually know him and all that…

    Christopher – I haven’t Neil Gaiman either. At least, not while sober.

  4. I knew I’d live to regret that typo. But hey, sober or not I would Neil Gaiman.

  5. I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of fangirls suddenly squee’ed with joy… Or maybe it was just me. Hey Christopher, can I Neil Gaiman when you’re done?

  6. Gee, you sure know how to make a guy feel Ancient. I can remember the furor when a WorldCon first scheduled a Program Item on a Friday, breaking the Tradition of starting on Saturday morning and ending on Monday afternoon. (Mind you, I can no longer remember which WorldCon that was, which adds to the feeling of antiquity.)

  7. I’ve often wondered if (at all) your lovely wife ever gets to travel with you to meet new people, make new friends, party with old ones, etc…
    Obviously *someone* has to stay home with Athena, but heck, sometimes isn’t that what grandparents are for?

  8. Kind of funny to read your respective blogs today.

    John Scalzi: “OMG! I finally met Neil Gaiman in person today! SQUEEE!”

    Neil Gaiman: “OMG! I finally met John Scalzi in person today! SQUEEE!”

  9. I’m working right next to the con and I can’t make it. That’s frustrating. But I’ll make sure I’m there Saturday 10am.

  10. Marko@10: That is one of the attractions of twitter: It’s watching Adam Savage and Jonathon Coulton get excited about meeting each other. (Plus knowing all about the Neil+Amanda thing without having to hear it from Scalzi’s “Neil Gaiman Gossip Feed”.)

  11. John Scalzi: The Perez Hilton of the SF/F world. All literary celebrity news, all the time.

  12. Marko @10 – The idea of Neil Gaiman so overwhelmed by excitement that he loses his tongue seems a bit foreign these days. Something about British-ness and adult-ness and verbal-ness just makes it difficult to imagine. But I suppose there’s a reason I borrow his (and others’) imagination(s) rather than simply entertaining myself with my own….

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