Checking in on Day Two of Anticipation

Aaaaand day two is also going peachy. The non-fiction reading went well, as three of my fellow nominees in the Best Related Book category and I read to a nice-sized crowd of folks, who seemed appreciative (if you’re wondering what I read, it was this). Then a break for lunch with the same fellow panelists and then it was off for a reading by Charlie Stross, Cory Doctorow and Connie Willis, all of whom read excellently. Then got dragged onto a panel about the Campbell Award, with all but two of the winners since 2000 on the panel, basically blathering on, which was fun. Now taking a little break before my 8pm event. And then, off to the parties and bars. Yes, it’s tough to be at Worldcon. It really is.

How are you?

No Matter How Much You Ask

I will not tell you details about the dance-off between Neil Gaiman and me at the Tor party last night. So don’t ask.

Now I bet you wish you’d come to Worldcon this year, don’t you.

Update: Kyle Cassidy’s pictures from Worldcon & the Tor party here.