Checking in on Day Two of Anticipation

Aaaaand day two is also going peachy. The non-fiction reading went well, as three of my fellow nominees in the Best Related Book category and I read to a nice-sized crowd of folks, who seemed appreciative (if you’re wondering what I read, it was this). Then a break for lunch with the same fellow panelists and then it was off for a reading by Charlie Stross, Cory Doctorow and Connie Willis, all of whom read excellently. Then got dragged onto a panel about the Campbell Award, with all but two of the winners since 2000 on the panel, basically blathering on, which was fun. Now taking a little break before my 8pm event. And then, off to the parties and bars. Yes, it’s tough to be at Worldcon. It really is.

How are you?

8 Comments on “Checking in on Day Two of Anticipation”

  1. If I weren’t on summer vacation, doing nothing but visiting friends in their time off, re-acquainting myself with delicious, cheese-laden American food (Del Taco, In’n’Out, other Mexican food, pizza, etc), and sleeping late… I might be jealous.

    Hmm, though, now that I think about it, I am jealous. But other than that, I’m actually doing really well, thanks for asking.

  2. Hmmm… we were hanging off the walls at the Connie Willis reading in Denver. (True, it was a ridiculously tiny room.) How big a room did the three together fill?

  3. Well, I just ran my niece and three of her friends through their very first D&D session. They were adorable. So, if I can’t be at Worldcon, at least I’m passing on the geek meme. My husband, meanwhile, wonders if there are any special instructions for trying to read _The Android’s Dream_ while nursing a head injury and dodging teenagers.

  4. I’d planned to go through the program as Mike and I were driving up to Montreal. Since, at the last minute, I couldn’t go I didn’t read it.

    I’m very glad of that. Knowing that I was missing a panel of you, Farah, and Paul Kincaid would have been more than a bit much.

    (Catching up on Whatever, despite having decided not to read specifics about the convention, because Mike says that there’s a wonderful post about Silverbob sidling up to you. The mental image is such that I Must Read.)

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