No Matter How Much You Ask

I will not tell you details about the dance-off between Neil Gaiman and me at the Tor party last night. So don’t ask.

Now I bet you wish you’d come to Worldcon this year, don’t you.

Update: Kyle Cassidy’s pictures from Worldcon & the Tor party here.

29 Comments on “No Matter How Much You Ask”

  1. Was it a dance-off… to the death?

    And that depends if the Tor party was open (as it was at World Fantasy where I snuck in a drank a few of their beers).

  2. What, you mean lowly little ol’ common fans could’ve gotten IN to the Tor party to see you and Neil dance?

  3. Gaiman has that natural British pranciness, but I’ve seen our man do a lovely grand jeté. My money’s on Scalzi on this one.

  4. In answer to the several comments, in fact, the Tor party was open to anyone who showed up. And judging how crowded things were, most of the convention apparently showed up.

  5. I have no idea why but:

    I’m picturing Scalzi and Gaiman playing chess on the rhythm of In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg (I think – I hope – I should ggle this maybe).

    It looks delicate, elegant, and compelling. That is, if you look from above. Where, apparently, I am (was?).

    Maybe I shouldn’t post this. But I keep wondering, what if it was like that? And if it was, who won?

  6. To any of the bystanders who might have been injured in these events, I apologize for my role in instigating said dance-off.

    …actually, I take that back, it was totally awesome, and I’ll totally try to encourage Hugo nominee dance offs in the future.

  7. Don’t try to fool us into thinking you might have one the dance with the king of cool. I have seen Gaiman’s hair, it could beat you in a dance off.

  8. The great advantage of not having any details is that we get to make them up…

    I got nothin’… Any visual of JS dancing makes my mind shut down.

  9. Any visual of JS dancing makes my mind shut down.

    Really? I can certainly imagine Scalzi doing the–


  10. But what about karaoke? Did you do your renditions of When Doves Cry? Let Gaiman top that!

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