Checking in on Day Three of Anticipation

Ah, yes. Well, had a nice afternoon nap with the missus and will soon be getting ready for dinner, but before that it had been a fun day. It started with quite a nice-sized audience at 10am to hear me, Jon Courtney Grimwood and Peter Watts do a reading. All three of us  featured rather dark tales (JCG read from his novel, Peter Watts featured a fantastic story, and I read the first chapter of The God Engines) and I have to say they all went really well together; it was one of the best group readings I’ve had. Then a panel on comedy and science fiction, also well-attended and fun, followed by some downtime before my kaffeklatsch, which was peopled by lovely folks. Then the aforementioned afternoon nap.

Really, it’s been a lovely convention so far.

I keep getting e-mail from people letting me know one or the other event has happened in the world while I’ve been up here and basically wondering if I have any thoughts on that particular event. The answer: Nope, not really. Anticipation really is taking up most of my brain cycles at the moment, and I have to say I’m only vaguely aware of what’s going on outside of the convention. It’s mostly a pleasant feeling, and in any event I’ll be back home on Tuesday and then I’ll be fully briefed on the events of the the week. I do presume the world has not exploded, however. If I am wrong, do feel free to let me know.


About Last Night

This is what I did with my evening:

  • Hosted a singles meet and greet, because apparently I am Dr. Love;
  • Got kicked out of the Asimov’s/Analog party (along with nearly everyone else) when the hotel security shut it down;
  • Taught people how deaf people applaud;
  • Showed Robert Silverberg how to Twitter;
  • Rocked the Rock Band version of Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” on the vocals;
  • Caught up with the Viable Paradise Alumni and popogated widom (intentionally misspelled) to some recent Clarionites;
  • And basically had a fine all time.

And now I’m about to be late to my own reading. Later.

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