Krissy and Me, Hugo Night 2009

And the picture pretty much captures our personalities, too. Photo by Doselle Young.

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  1. We put her in a kennel.

    Alternately, her cousin (who is in college) housesat while we were away and Athena had a ball with her.

    Whichever answer you like better.

  2. She’s ten now. That’s a year or three past the magic self-sufficiency threshold where you can just pour them a huge bowl of Cap’n Crunch for the weekend, and make sure the litterbox is clean.

  3. Marko @3: Dope. A 10-year-old can’t live for a whole weekend on Cap’n Crunch. You need to also open a party-size bag of potato chips or Fritos.

  4. I am very happy mine reached the age where he can pour himself a bowl of cereal but I have to ask: at what age can they do so without leaving have the box strewn across the counter and floor?

  5. This captures your personalities?

    So you tend to stare at camaras looking as if you wonder what the little magic box does, and Krissy wonders why she ever married you? ;-P

    OK, seriously… you both look GREAT in the photo, and congrats on the Hugo!

  6. When my wife looks at the back of my head with that expression, she is wondering whether my bald patch has gotten bigger again, and whether it’s time to start making me wear a hat 100% of the time.

    Of course, that’s my wife and me, not your wife and you. I’m just sayin’.

  7. “And the picture pretty much captures our personalities, too.”
    You mean sonething like: incredibly patient wife somewhat amused by wackjob husband?

    Oh, and Congrats on the pretty rocket trophy.

    Maybe thats the look: she is proud of you!

  8. It looks like Scalzi is thinking: “Dude, I just got nominated for a Hugo about a book of other peoples emails.”

    Krissy is thinking: “I can’t believe he got nominated for a Hugo about a book of other peoples emails.”

  9. Dr. Phil @7: I will grant you that, certainly. But the discussion here was about fundamental parenting skillz — the “nurturing” and whatnot.

  10. It looks like you’re trying to stare into the photographer’s soul, but you’re losing focus.

    You probably need more sleep.

  11. Whichever answer you like better.

    I kind of like the one that isn’t true and makes you look absolutely monstrous. Am I a bad person?

    I’d also congratulate you on the Hugo — but its totally redundant at this point. Learn to draw and collect the set! :)

  12. I know I’ve asked this question before, but how does a huge dork like you wind up with a fabulous babe like her?

    I’m asking because (of course) I am also a huge dork, and every morning I wake up and look at the fabulous babe next to me, and wonder how the hell this happened, and I figured you could at least commiserate, if you couldn’t explain.

  13. No, that can’t be it, because the only dances I can do are Billy Crystal’s “White Man’s Overbite” and something my college friends and I dreamed up while drunk, which we call “Synchronized Homo Dancing”.

  14. I’m not worried about John. That’s how a sci-fi writer should look, i.e. tired and hyped on Coke Zero.
    I’m not worried about Krissy, even if she does look like she’s planning something naughty/evil/good fun.
    I’m worried about the sour-looking person in a weird necklace over John’s right shoulder.
    Probably didn’t get nominated.

  15. I know this isn’t exactly earning me any man-points but… you two look like the cutest couple in that picture. Aww-inspiring even.

    And congrats on the Hugo.

    I guess I better go chop some wood now or something…

  16. You have one and one-half eyes open.

    Which leads me to believe that Krissy is thinking, “which way’s he gonna fall?”

  17. It’s Scalzi with that “The puppy finds your attempts at command amusing” glance. And Krissy has the, “There’s something happening in that head of his again” grin of patience.

  18. You look as though you believe you are in control of things.

    Krissy, however, looks as though she knows she is.


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