Remind Me

It’s… Tuesday, right?

The thing about six days at a science fiction convention is that it well and truly messes with your time sense, and I suspect it will take at least a couple of days to get back on Real Life Time.

So: Tuesday? I’m pretty sure about this. I’m just asking for confirmation, is all.

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  1. Tuesday, indeed. Which means I’ve moved back to Paris, and my back hurts. And that you’ve received hundreds of congratulations on your Hugo – but here’s one more. I think it’s wonderful you got an award for a book inspired by your blog.

  2. Glad I could help, John. And speaking on behalf of the International Cabal of Entrepreneurial Scalzi Internet Minions and Sycophants, we’re awfully glad to hear you’ve already started on your next novel.

  3. You know what helps a person get back to normal after an exciting world con or other travel? Stepping in a cold pile of cat puke. Maybe Ghlaughee could help you out?

  4. Back in my youth, dog show circuits used to do the same thing to my time sense- I remember seeing a sign on a crate saying ‘If this is Tuesday, it must be Eugene.’

  5. My time sense is fairly messed up because I spent the past week w/10,000 of my closest friends at Cooper’s Lake, PA at the SCA’s annual Pennsic War. A week (or two) spent living (kinda) medievally, camping w/no outside news will really mess with your head. I’m still reeling from John Hughes death, and celebrating our 3rd female (and first Hispanic) member of the Supremes.

    You can ignore the news of the (i’m sure) at Worldcon – there is no news of the day at Pennsic. (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

  6. i was thinking, “no, it’s monday!” i’ve been thinking it is monday all day. geez. thanks for clarifying the day for me. :)

  7. Alisa, maybe it was Monday until John posted, and the power of a Hugo-winning blog can warp reality. Congratulations for maintaining a connection, however tenuous, to the unaltered universe.

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