So That Every Post Today Will Not Be Hugo-Related

Here’s today’s sunset. Enjoy.

13 Comments on “So That Every Post Today Will Not Be Hugo-Related”

  1. WOAH. How much did you have to photoshop to get that unnatural cobalt blue? Or is this not taken on earth?

  2. Man, you get some of the coolest sunsets there! I’m going to have to start a file just for Scalzi sunset pics :)

  3. And the heavens opened and a voice rang out “John Scalzi won a Hugo!” Congrats by the way.

  4. The weather gods want their sacrifice, Scalzi. Tit for tat. Thirteen caterpillars by day’s end or it’s off to the land of Obscurity with the rest of us . . . [cough] I mean, them.

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