Daily Archives: August 13, 2009

Various and Sundry, 8/13/09

This and that: * E-mail asking me what my opinion about the current state of the health care debate is, and my response is: There’s a debate? Maybe I’m reading an archaic definition, but “debate” is not synonymous with “ignit bellowsacks at public meetings shouting stupidities to drown out discussion because doughy tearsquirter Glenn Beck […]

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GI Joe and Awards (But Not Awards for GI Joe)

This week at my AMC column, I answer two questions about G.I. Joe and one question about the Hugos, and no questions about the existential nature of being. Because, really. That one’s hard to answer in an 800-word column, which is in itself ostensibly about science fiction film. It’s all about focus, people. Anyway, head […]

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