METAtropolis and Hate Mail Notes

Some quick book news:

Subterranean Press tells me that they are down to their last 150 copies of the print version of METAtropolis, which means it’s very possible it will be sold out on release date (!). There’s no plan at the moment to reprint the hardcover, and no deal in place for a softcover version, so if you want to get it in print, well, hurry.

SubPress also tells me that it is down to the last 75 signed hardcover copies of Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, which as you know is the book I just won a Hugo for, and doesn’t expect to keep them in stock long, so again, hurry if you want one. Also a reminder that if you buy it through Subterranean directly, you’ll also get shipped the Waiting for Athena chapbook as part of the bargain.

And while we’re at it: Remember that you can also get the limited signed edition of The Last Colony from SubPress (it should be shipping reasonably soon), and that the holidays will bring my fantasy novella The God Engines and the chapbook “Judge Sn Goes Golfing.” Save up!

And for the limited edition completists, I’ll note SubPress has recently acquired the limited edition rights for Zoe’s Tale, so that’s on the slate for the future. Yes, apparently I like working with Subterranean Press.

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  1. Subterranean Press has very poor timing. Don’t they know how much money I spent at Anticipation? :P

    It was lovely to meet you, and finally to start reading your blog properly (before it was all about the cat and the bacon) and to see the man behind the novels (I was seated to your right during the kaffeeklatch, in case you’re wondering who the heck I am).

    Good times all around, so thank you for giving us your time and making my first WorldCon a memorable one. :)


  2. I you read heard the Judge Sn story at Books & Co.

    People, you want to own this, it makes golf not just sfnal, but relevant.

  3. Is there a plot overview for The God Engines? I can’t find much info on it, I mean besides the cool cover art.

  4. Hate Mail is in my local library system. It has a wait list for the multiple copies. Not as long a wait list as “Three Men and a Boat”, but it has not been out as long.

  5. This may sound crazy, but I’ve bought from Sub Press because the guy running it is a good person. He sent Rothfuss a bunch of books for his contest to raise money for Heifer. He’s also donated stuff to various people for auctions when they were in financial difficulties.

    Sub Press is run by warmhearted people with a conscience, not by people out to make megabucks and screw people. So I feel I should support them.

  6. John Hattan:

    “As mentioned above, it says that METAtropolis is sold out.”

    Once again, it says the LIMITED version is sold out, which it is. The TRADE version is still available.


    Yes. They are good people.

  7. And now there’s one less.

    Am I the only person who consistently misreads the title as MEATtropolis?

  8. Mark@10,

    There’s a wating list for Three Men in a Boat? All IS right with the world.

  9. My point was that it was some quality pimping.
    Although a little billyuns and billyuns sold join the crowd might of pushed it into super pimpalicious land.

  10. “Yes, apparently I like working with Subterranean Press.”

    As well you should. I predict Bill will take over the publishing world soon.

  11. @Emily I <3 Subpress too!

    Not sure if I need a print copy of METAtropolis, but I'm definitely going to order one of those copies of Hate Mail!

  12. Am I the only one who thought there was going to be actual hate mail on display in this post?


  13. Hey all,

    Thanks for the kind words re: SubPress. They’re very much appreciated, though I should point out that I’m not the only one around here. Equal (or more) credit should go to my business partner, Tim Holt; my wife, Gretchen; and our Director of Production, Yanni Kuznia. All of them do a great job of bringing out the best in me, both in the business, and as a person.

    Subterranean Press

  14. Bablefish sez “Information, I assume, and so it is sufficient in order to draw a conclusion, as it is not necessary to make.”

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