Squirrels and Podcasts

First, via Jeff Hentosz: Oh Noes! The Hugos have been photocrashed!

Oh, quiet. The meme isn’t officially overplayed until next Tuesday. We’re in under the wire.

Second, Tor.com has a podcast interview with me, done at Anticipation, in which I talk about various things, including METAtropolis, the state of science fiction, young adult novels and Stargate: Universe. For those of you who prefer to read, there’s also an interview transcript.

Third, there is no third. Hey, it’s Sunday.

15 Comments on “Squirrels and Podcasts”

  1. This is basically the same meme as Disaster Kid and it has bleedover potential with Rockblock.

    And now I’m going to take a shower to wash away the shame of knowing those memes.

  2. Wow, can I just say that you all look like hot shit in those formal clothes? More cool, individual style there than any Hollywood red carpet! (And, yes, I did just surf over here from my daily read of fashion blogs.)

  3. Who claims that the meme will be old Tuesday? We’re still doing riffs on “All your base…” And LOLcats is going great guns. There’s even plans for a musical.

  4. heywhatsgoingonguys!? isthatacamera? caniseethecamera? whatareyoutakingpicturesof? canibeinyourpictures? whatsthisbuttondo? gotanynuts? canyouseemenow? howboutnow? amiblockingyourshot?

  5. Listening to the interview now, and I have to say I am very much in favor of a manga adaptation of Old Man’s War. Android’s Dream would be good in that medium as well.

    I am the first to admit that a lot of the stuff that comes out in graphic novel format is sub-par, but most books I see in B&N are just as bad. However, if you can get a good artist and story, you get masterpieces like _Monster_ by Naoki Urasawa and _Eden_ by Hiroki Endo.

    Same with anime – Ghost in the Shell is one of the most amazing science fiction stories I have ever seen, be it the movies or series, and I find it much more entertaining than most anything that has come out of Hollywood or shown up on Sci-Fi/Syfy in recent years.

  6. so i was playing on 20 questions and i was thinking of john, but it guessed stephanie meyer instead. o.O

    then cory doctorow, THEN john. i think you people need to help train that thing! :D

  7. That’s a really sharp picture of the rodent – most of them wouldn’t capture the whiskers.

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