Cuter than Kirk, however.

28 Comments on “KHAAAAAAAN!”

  1. Some very powerful cookies she cooked there, apparently.

    Tweaked out the color balance and nearly caused a major tornado.

    You’re letting your child use your powers for less than entirely good purposes, aren’t you…

  2. Cute pic of the daughter, nicely photoshopped. Was it taken when the storm rolled in?

    What deadline are you avoiding, anyway?

    Next one we see will probably be a cat.

  3. Cuter than Kirk, however.

    Isn’t that a bit of damning with faint praise?

    And how is she at reciting Sarah Palin’s tweets as Beat poetry?

  4. Wow – what Photoshop plug-in is that? That’s really cool looking and now I want to do it to my daughter (sans angst.)

  5. Find Edges I recognize – I’ll have to see what other tricks turn out the neat effects you’ve demoed. Well done, you.

  6. Having just watched the new Star Trek movie tonight with some friends, the timing of this post is exquisite.

    I expect nothing less from Mr Scalzi.

  7. “Athena, I am curious. What was your solution to the Kobayashi Maru?”

    “I baked the instructor cookies with my special herbal ingredient. Got a commendation for original thinking. Also got the instructor into rehab with Dr. Drew. He got me Steven Adler’s autograph.”

    “So you cheated.”

    “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.”

  8. That’s funny — I’d have sworn that those plants were







         (wait for it)








  9. I took one look at that image and those colors and thought – ‘Geez, I didn’t know she was a Greatful Dead fan…’ :) Showing my age again, I know…

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