Oh, Okay, One More Thing

The Hugo finally arrived. It’s on the right. Soon it will slide over to where the Denvention Hugo sits, because Athena wants that one in her room, and, you know, why the heck not.

The only problem with this year’s Hugo is that unless you’re looking directly down at it, you can’t see the very cool “maple leaf flame” design that’s where the rocket itself sits, giving the impression that the rocket is lifting off to points Canadian. However, as the rocket arrived disassembled, I took a picture of it for you.

Very definitely nifty.

All right, then, back to radio silence for the weekend. See you Monday.


Ghlaghghee Simply Cannot Be Bothered To Get Up Out of Bed

And who can blame her? It’s the last lazy weekend of summer around these parts. Might as well sleep in while you can.

As it is the last weekend of summer, and because I have weekend guests arriving, and because every time I try to write something here I trail off into crushing indifference regarding the words I just wrote, I’m out of here for the weekend. I’ll be back on Monday, bright-eyed and ready to face that great big world! Or at the very least making a go of faking such enthusiasm.

You kids stay out of trouble until I get back. Remember that I know exactly how much alcohol I have in those bottles in the bar, and I’ll know if you just try to top them off with water. Yes, you didn’t know I knew you did that, did you? Can’t fool me, people.

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