Oh, Okay, One More Thing

The Hugo finally arrived. It’s on the right. Soon it will slide over to where the Denvention Hugo sits, because Athena wants that one in her room, and, you know, why the heck not.

The only problem with this year’s Hugo is that unless you’re looking directly down at it, you can’t see the very cool “maple leaf flame” design that’s where the rocket itself sits, giving the impression that the rocket is lifting off to points Canadian. However, as the rocket arrived disassembled, I took a picture of it for you.

Very definitely nifty.

All right, then, back to radio silence for the weekend. See you Monday.

35 Comments on “Oh, Okay, One More Thing”

  1. It detaches? Dude, the potential for even non-suggestive novelty shots are astounding.

  2. SAINTS BE PRAISED!!!! I know you will enjoy looking at it. Have a great weekend with your house guest.

  3. Congrats – it must have been quite a relief to have it finally arrive.

    (and good on ya’ for letting Athena have the Denvention Hugo in her room – you are such a cool dad!)

  4. Speaking of Hugos.

    Has anybody else here ever ordered from Subteranean Press before? I ordered a limited edition of Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded on the 15th and was trying to figure out when I should expect it to arrive.

  5. re AJ @7

    Sub press advertises stuff before it is in print (sometimes by months) and for limiteds sometimes even after the regular version ships – you might ned to wait several weeks more for a limited to ship (waiting for slipcases, signature pages etc) usually if a book is in inventory it ships out relatively quickly (usually delivered within 10 days or so)

    at least that’s been my experience

  6. Jim@8

    I’m hoping it is here by next Wednesday (Sep 2nd) as I fly out that day for work.

    I can just see it now. The mailman will leave a parcel pick-up notice in my mailbox on Thursday. Nobody will be here to go pick it up from the post office. It will be “returned to sender” after nobody claims it for ten days.

  7. Jason @9

    It was an in stock item. I think there were only fifty or so copies left. I hope you are right and I get it before I leave. (See post #11)

  8. If you ever wanted a ceiling mirror there’s your excuse – plus you can write it off!

  9. Out of curiosity, did they send it by post or by FedEx/UPS/etc.?

    I’ve had to ship people’s trophies to them (in 1994 and 2002) and understand how agitated people can be if they don’t show up when you expect them.

  10. Ah, well that explains it, then. It took eleven days for my first 2 boxes to get to Oregon, and the third one (all 3 mailed simultaneously) turned up a day or two later.

    I knew my personal items might take a while to get there, but they were low priroirty so I used the (relatively) cheap method of 20 kg for CAD100.

    Note to future Worldcons: Send high-priority shipments by high-priority methods with close tracking ability, even though it’s much more expensive.

    (Transportation logistics planning is what I do in my Day Jobbe.)

  11. aj@12 I just got notice today from Barnes and Noble that my order of Metaopolis has been canceled – apparently Sub Press sold out before they could fill all the orders to amazon/B&N so I am SOL – you should be ok – I’ve never had Sub Press TAKE an order and not fill it

  12. by the way – this year’s Hugo is Uber-cool I’d like one just as an object-de-art. I mean a brass rocket blasting off of a chuck of an actual meteorite with funky maple-leaf flames – how neat

  13. She should only get to keep the Hugo in her room if she starts writing speculative fiction.

    All evil overlords have to have a beautiful, capable daughter who will eventually overthrow them, after all..

    It won’t be good, but if she starts now (as opposed to at 15-16, which seems more typical) just think of how good she’ll be by the time she’s in college…

  14. I can’t help but notice that on the left you have what appears to be a tube of acrylic miniatures paint. Either Reaper Master Series or Valejo. Are you a miniatures painter as well as a rich and famous science fiction author?

  15. If any more come my way, I’ll just farm them out to other rooms. That way there’ll be something heavy to brain intruders with in every room!

  16. Scary, John…I was just thinking that you were going to end up with a Hugo in every room, and you put my thought to your keyborad.

    Congrats again. Too bad METAtropolis didn’t win this year, I certainly enjoyed it and hope there is a little more world building to be had in that universe from everyone involved.

  17. re AJ @7

    Ordered mine on the 13th, they ran the payment through on the 17th, I am also still waiting.

  18. Very pretty, glad it finally deigned to arrive!

    Do you plan to ever rile up (or entertain) the third half of “Star Noun” fans and write about Stargate Design Fails? Obviously not going anywhere near SG:U because we know you have refined it of all failure :P (I mean, because I concede that you can’t talk about that.)

  19. EternalDensity @32: Wouldn’t writing about the “third half” of anything show a certain amount of MathFail? ;-)