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Various and Sundry, 8/13/09

This and that: * E-mail asking me what my opinion about the current state of the health care debate is, and my response is: There’s a debate? Maybe I’m reading an archaic definition, but “debate” is not synonymous with “ignit bellowsacks at public meetings shouting stupidities to drown out discussion because doughy tearsquirter Glenn Beck […]

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GI Joe and Awards (But Not Awards for GI Joe)

This week at my AMC column, I answer two questions about G.I. Joe and one question about the Hugos, and no questions about the existential nature of being. Because, really. That one’s hard to answer in an 800-word column, which is in itself ostensibly about science fiction film. It’s all about focus, people. Anyway, head […]

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Remind Me

It’s… Tuesday, right? The thing about six days at a science fiction convention is that it well and truly messes with your time sense, and I suspect it will take at least a couple of days to get back on Real Life Time. So: Tuesday? I’m pretty sure about this. I’m just asking for confirmation, […]

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About Last Night

This is what I did with my evening: Hosted a singles meet and greet, because apparently I am Dr. Love; Got kicked out of the Asimov’s/Analog party (along with nearly everyone else) when the hotel security shut it down; Taught people how deaf people applaud; Showed Robert Silverberg how to Twitter; Rocked the Rock Band […]

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Checking in on Day Two of Anticipation

Aaaaand day two is also going peachy. The non-fiction reading went well, as three of my fellow nominees in the Best Related Book category and I read to a nice-sized crowd of folks, who seemed appreciative (if you’re wondering what I read, it was this). Then a break for lunch with the same fellow panelists […]

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Hugo Nominees as Movies

Hey folks — Made it alive to Montreal and will be doing all sorts of Worldcon-like things while I am here. To keep you amused, here’s this week’s AMC column, on which of this year’s Best Novel nominees could be made into a film (and hopefully one more faithful to the source material than Starship […]

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