A Foggy Morning at the Scalzi Compound

Which of course means I haul out the camera.

Here’s hoping you’re having a photogenic morning, wherever  you are.

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  1. It’s afternoon for me and a grey unphotogenic day here in the UK. I love the top picture, beautiful.

  2. Hot and Muggy here in “The Big Easy”. We will not get any cool weather until mid-October. The high point of Hurricane season for us is Sept. 15th. I’m holding my breath that we can get by this year without another storm. I’d hate to have to pull up stakes this year. Even though it hot, its a graet morning!!!

  3. Compound? This explains everything! The constant bacon, the schadenfreude pie, your legions of mind control fans. I’m calling the ACTF. You’re a gamma!

  4. I like the first one a lot, the haze splits the top and bottom half of the frame pretty evenly, and my eye follows the first tree (bottom right) to the next one that’s almost obscured by the fog (bottom left) and then up to the sticking up in the center. The vignetting on the top gives it sort of a nice frame. Keep this one far away from the Photoshop filters!*

    Welp, that’s my photo-nerd quotient for the day!

    *mandatory bit of snark

  5. I get lots of photogenic scenes here in the middle of the state. The trouble is that they are transitory and seem to cluster in times and places where I can not take a picture, mainly because I am driving. It is difficult to pull over on the freeway to capture the play of golden dawn light on the buildings of downtown. And I tend to dodge, rather than photograph, the deer that like to run onto the roads around my house.

  6. The best times for taking photos are mostly transitory. Magic Hour is actually minutes at most latitudes and not an hour. I have occasionally thought ‘I will get that picture on the way back’, it never happens.

    Shoot now or its just another fish story.

    Very good shots John.

  7. I did have a photogenic morning, thanks (I work in a rather famous place, so my mornings always feel a little like I’m walking through a postcard). Not as photogenic as yours, though. Thanks for taking pictures.

  8. So, the Kennedys have a compound, Theresa Heinz Kerry has a compound (I live in Pittsburgh), now Scalzi. Is a step into the political ring on the horizon?

  9. I know that you’ve used the term “compound” for quite sometime now; I’m just curious why you chose that term, as opposed to say, “Stately Scalzi Manor.”

  10. I’ve just been hearing about the others lately, what with Uncle Teddy dying, and the G-20 coming to Pittsburgh later this month, Theresa is hosting something at her compound.

  11. Things aren’t looking too dissimilar to that first photo there here in the Western USA. Unfortunately, it’s not fog, it’s smoke from the fires in California and Utah that’s making it so hazy even out here in Colorado.

  12. @hugh57, I don’t think western Ohio has stately manors.

    I could be wrong, but when I was going to school out that way, I never heard of anything being referred to as a manor; even properties that would be called manors if they existed elsewhere.

  13. Did you digitally edit either of them? The colors in the top photo are really subtle and soft, and your skills are that much more impressive if you managed that on the D70 with no post processing.

  14. It was 56 degrees F this morning when I left my house, which is surprisingly chilly for this time of year. Either Father Time or the Snow Miser must be losing it…

  15. Annalee Flower Horne @16: I know, I don’t think we have too many “manors” here in Cincinnati. The Vernon Manor Hotel closed earlier this year.

    I made the “Stately Scalzi Manor” remark as an allusion to “Stately Wayne Manor” from Batman comics, suggesting that Scalzi should present himself as a crime-fighting superhero.

  16. Impressive picture with your BB Storm.

    #Erbo – Agreed there. I live in Denver myself and the smoke from the California fire made for an odd Tuesday for sure. Didn’t do well by my allergies.

    Unbelievable how far reaching that wildfire’s smoke has become.

  17. This has drifter far enough off topic I think it’s allowable, in view of the various food comments, to ask this. John, you say in your profile that you enjoy pie. Right now (and it’s not even 11:00 am here) I’d take a piece of rhubarb pie. Is this something you enjoy at the Scalzi compound, and if not, why not? Not that I’m going to visit, just wondering about your pie preferences.

    Love that top picture.

  18. Hmmm. My choice of photo vistas this morning, after our first night back after a mandatory evacuation from the Station Fire: a dusting of ash everywhere, bleak denuded hills, and a thick pall of smoke.

    I like yours better.

  19. What an awesome shot. The fog looks nice and thick. As a child, my brother, sister and I would run into the fog and play a version of Marco Polo and other games. Does Athena also enjoy the msteries of the fog?

  20. Beautiful shots. I’m looking forward to fog this fall but am savouring summer since it finally made an appearance this week.

  21. Not that exciting here to take pictures. I’m in Los Angeles but a bit south of the fires. I can go take pictures of the ash coating my truck. Right now at 6:30am I can’t tell if it’s smoke or clouds in the air, but I can tell it’s already in the mid 70’s and it’s all overcast.

  22. Beautiful….just rec’d Metatropolis today…looking forward to reading a story…wondering if it will too scary to start with Elizabeth’s anyways maybe it will be eeny meeny miny mo…all in a good day’s read

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