Daily Archives: September 3, 2009

Dentistry Update

For those of you what don’t follow me on Twitter: Tooth not cracked after all; what looked like a crack to me turned out to be a discolored filling. The source of the pain is gum inflammation; yes, I brush and floss, but apparently I’m not flossing deep enough, which is a lesson to all […]

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On the Subject of Teeth and Dentistry

This is a lovely time to drag out of cold storage a humor column I wrote in 1996, entitled “Drill, Sergeant”. —- Drill, Sergeant My wife played softball on Saturday and spent Sunday wobbling around the house like Weeble. She had odd-shaped bruises in weird places (a thin, streaky one on her ankle, a splotchy […]

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Observations on a Toothache

Well, I’m scheduled at the dentist at 3pm to deal with the cracked molar, and until then I have a toothache which occasionally throbs up, but is mostly under control at the moment thanks to the dynamic duo of ibuprofen and Orajel. Be that as it may it’s too distracting to allow me to be […]

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That Was the Science Fiction Summer That Was

By every measure but the one that’s scientifically accurate, Labor Day Weekend is the end of the summer here in the US, so that means it’s time for a summer science fiction film wrap-up column from me over on the AMC site. Come learn what I think it means that Transformers was so successful, that […]

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