Taking the Day Off

Go catch up on some reading, folks. See you later.

12 Comments on “Taking the Day Off”

  1. John,
    I just finished your book Old Man’s War and loved it! It is my favorite science fiction book ever. You’re a fantastic writer man. I plan on reading all of your other books asap!

  2. You’ve been taking way too many days off lately, Scalzi. If you keep this up, people are going to suspect that you have a life. Do you want to lose your nerd cred?

  3. Wow, that’s a beautiful photograph of the two most important women in your life, John.

    When are you going to put your photographs in the art show at WorldCon? They could all be NFS, because I can’t imagine you wanting to sell them, but I’d love to see an exhibit of your photographic work.

  4. Great idea! I mean, since the world’s going to end next week when the Prez talks to the kids in school and all….

  5. Trying to get all my reading/writing/editing for next week done today so I can enjoy Labor day off.

  6. Is it just me, or as she’s maturing is Athena starting to look more like her mother?

  7. Age 10, the last year a child’s life is centered around their parents. Enjoy it while you can, for in less than a year Athena will be off rampaging with her friends on a near constant basis.