This Was Made Existentially Funnier By the Fact I Was Drinking a Coke Zero When I Read It

Online comic Rocket Road Trip has been running a subplot in which I (or rather a slightly chunkier, flat-headed version of me) have been kidnapped by hobbits, who are trying to force me to join their Lord of the Rings musical. This is how they finally made me crack.

In other news it’s mildly odd being a fictional character in somebody’s Web comic. Amusing, but odd.

36 Comments on “This Was Made Existentially Funnier By the Fact I Was Drinking a Coke Zero When I Read It”

  1. I’m amused at how you’re drawn with a perpetual five o’clock shadow. And huge.

    Also wondering if this is going to lead to a surge in unauthorized Scalzi cameos just to boost webcomics’ ratings.

  2. Two weeks ago, our “free soda” policy at work changed to include Coke Zero, so I now get all the Coke Zero I want! Bwahahaha!

  3. Is it weirder to be a fictional character in your own webcomic, or is that less weird?

    I’m totally hooked on Coke Zero now too. That torture would probably work on me as well.

  4. Jeff @10: That is completely less weird, in that a preponderance of webcomics have their creator(s) represented somewhere. In fact, it’s harder to think of ones that don’t.

  5. Some day, maybe there will be a Penny Arcade interpretation of you. That’s when you will know you’ve hit the big time. (I saw the ZT cameo a few months back, which must have been pretty pleasing.)

    I just had a thought–if Scalzi, Gaiman, and PA ever featured each other in their respective contents on the same day, and linked to each other, the resulting loop would melt half the servers on the Internet with the sheer energy of white-hot traffic.

  6. 30 seconds? I’ve held out for a full 45 seconds when I saw free Coke Zero cans left over from a faculty lunch. You are weak. :P

  7. This is even _more_ interesting in that, over in Da Long Thread, we were just talking about the Prisoner’s Dilemma. :)

  8. You *do* know that there’s a Facebook group for people who want you to write a musical, right? Well – there’s an idea for that group *grins*

  9. I have only two things to add here:

    1. This was not a good topic to read at midnight when still stuck at work on a theoretical holiday.

    2. Based on prior common observations that if you can think of it, there’s probably a porn/fetish website for it on them thar interwebs, I now expect someone to find and post the link for Ewok/Hobbit Scalzi/Coke Zero bondage porn fanfic.

    Extra bonus points if you write it to create it. Because that’s so far beyond lame it’s back into cool again. Or maybe not, but it’s at least an amusing idea as I stare at the clock and wonder when this data will be done cooking.

  10. So when do you use your superpowers to become the guy from the back of “Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded” and totally kick some hobbit butt?

    Just asking…

  11. I’m a reformed “Dew head” cause being diabetic and drinking Mtn Dew is not being on the path to long life. In those days, tricksy hobbits would only need about 5-10 seconds to get me to babble.

    Tried Coke Zero after the many references here and went, “meh, it’s OK” but…

    Cherry Coke Zero! Thus my soda addiction is once again taken care of and I can rationalize that it’s better for me than the Dew thing.

    Notice I did say better and not good. ;D

  12. In other news it’s mildly odd being a fictional character in somebody’s Web comic.

    Yeah, well try watching your entire country reduced to just a movie set in said Web comic.

    I’m about to go all Urak-hai on someone here…

  13. Well, crap! My malwarebytes scanner won’t let me go to that site because it says they’re infected…

  14. I’m still following Rocket Road Trip. A couple more amusing Scalzi cameos.

    “Everything’s better with fire. And gasoline.”

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