Daily Archives: September 9, 2009

Here, Have a Place to Talk About That Other Obama Speech

You know. The one where he overthrew the capitalist system to give illegal immigrants federally subsided breast enhancements. Oh, sorry, wrong universe. I mean, the one where he talked about health care. Keep it mellow, don’t stab each other in the eyeballs, and remember that slapping down the “Obama = Socialist” card will get you […]

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That Obama Speech, or, Expunging the Stupid Use of Words

Wow, that was sure some socialist speech Obama gave yesterday, huh? I went to pick up Athena from school, and all the kids marched out of building, singing “The Internationale” and clutching copies of the children’s illustrated edition of Das Kapital, distributed by smiling members of Young People’s Socialist League. Truly, it’s a new day […]

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