A New Scalzi Short Story!

Well, sort of.

Not bad for ten and a half. We’ll be entertaining movie option offers, starting at $1 million. And some Webkinz. And a pony.

Update: Oh, look, Athena’s first fan art. Man, she’s way ahead of me with this stuff. I didn’t get fan art until I was, like, 35. I’m trying not to be jealous of my own kid, here.

The Guy’s Saying What I Said, Except About Screenplays

Hey, remember when I explained why I won’t read your unpublished work? Well, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Josh Olson is here to explain why he won’t read your screenplay. You will not be surprised to discover his reasons for not reading your screenplay are very very much like my reasons for not reading your unpublished work.

It should be noted the comments to the article are filled with people outraged that Olsen will not read screenplays. These people, generally speaking, do not appear to be professional writers.

Why Heckling The President During a Joint Session of Congress is Not the Smartest Thing You Can Do

Because it inspires people to send your likely 2010 Democratic opponent nearly $100,000 in contributions since the moment you opened your mouth. D’oh.

The funny thing: The amount contributed to Rob Miller went up $3,000 in the few minutes it took me to write up this entry. I suspect the amount will be well over $100k by the end of the day.

Once again: Well done, Joe Wilson. Well done, indeed.

Update, 6:30pm: Miller just passed the half million dollar mark in contributions. Damn, that’s a lot of money in less than 24 hours.

Ranking Trek Directors

Over at the AMC column this week, I’m ranking Star Trek directors, because someone asked me to, and taking requests is easier than coming up with topics on my own. Go, path of least resistance! And let me tell you, JJ Abrams (pictured above) isn’t the best Trek director. Not even close. Who is? Well, obviously, you’ll need to click through to find out. And be sure to leave comments arguing with me. Because I love that.