Daily Archives: September 11, 2009

Incidentally: The Best Song Ever to Feature a Member of Night Ranger

It’s this one. Indeed, in the grand pantheon of Arena Ballads — of songs explicitly genetically designed to be played in front of 10,000 stoned denim-jacked blue collar joes and janes, each waving a lighter — this is one of The Great Ones, easily outranking “Sister Christian” — although not “Come Sail Away,” to name […]

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Night Ranger Winners!

As if anyone can actually “win” when Night Ranger is involved. Nevertheless, the judges — me and Bill Schafer — have selected two winners from this week’s contest. That’s right! Two! Because we couldn’t decide between them. They are: Newberry: And Pixelfish: Yeah, you pretty much can’t beat those. So Newberry and Pixelfish, congratulations! Send […]

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Name in Lights

So, a screen capture from the DVD I just finished watching: Which is to say that yes, I have the series opener of Stargate: Universe in my grubby little hands at the moment. Which is making it very hard to type. Hold on, let me put it down. There we go. And how is the […]

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