Daily Archives: September 11, 2009

Incidentally: The Best Song Ever to Feature a Member of Night Ranger

It’s this one. Indeed, in the grand pantheon of Arena Ballads — of songs explicitly genetically designed to be played in front of 10,000 stoned denim-jacked blue collar joes and janes, each waving a lighter — this is one of The Great Ones, easily outranking “Sister Christian” — although not “Come Sail Away,” to name […]

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Night Ranger Winners!

As if anyone can actually “win” when Night Ranger is involved. Nevertheless, the judges — me and Bill Schafer — have selected two winners from this week’s contest. That’s right! Two! Because we couldn’t decide between them. They are: Newberry: And Pixelfish: Yeah, you pretty much can’t beat those. So Newberry and Pixelfish, congratulations! Send […]

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