Night Ranger Winners!

As if anyone can actually “win” when Night Ranger is involved.

Nevertheless, the judges — me and Bill Schafer — have selected two winners from this week’s contest. That’s right! Two! Because we couldn’t decide between them.

They are:


And Pixelfish:

Yeah, you pretty much can’t beat those. So Newberry and Pixelfish, congratulations! Send along your physical addresses to me in e-mail, using the same e-mails you post comments from, and Subterranean Press will get them in the mail to you when they start shipping the book.

For everyone else, you have my thanks for you contributions. It made being clad in Night Ranger wear almost tolerable. Almost.

17 Comments on “Night Ranger Winners!”

  1. What a hoot! I have to say that I find the Chick Track version funnier, though. On the other hand, I’m sorry to hear about the state of your eternal salvation, John. At least I’ll get to hang out with you there!

  2. Excellent choices.

    So, John, are you ever going to tell us about the bet you apparently lost that precipitated this whole thing?

  3. As (possibly the only) person whose taste lies right on the overlapping Venn diagrams of Scalzi fandom and Night Ranger fandom, I heartily approve of both of these.

  4. Newberry was the second or third post on the thread and I thought to myself, “well, this one’s over.” Seriously, nice work both.

  5. The second one (Chick tract) could not be any more perfect. WINNER! I raise my Coke Zero and lighter in tribute!

    Adam @7: You are not the only one in the confluence, my brother. It’s all about the Jeff Watson.

  6. Congrats to Newberry! (And good job, everyone!) Thanks, Scalzi and Bill Schafer!

    Thanks for the kind compliments, fellow commenters. :)

    I must admit this goes a long way to redeeming my morning, seeing this news, as I had the un-fun of having my car broken into this morning. I’m kinda glad I got the bad news first, because now I can enjoy the good news. :)

  7. Good work, Newberry. Congrats.

    But, PixelFish? Genius. I also missed seeing it in the thread, so surprise added to the pleasure seeing it today. Simply genius.

    Bummer you’ll have to burn in everlasting torment for it, though.

  8. You gotta wonder about that poor schmuck who they made dress up in scrubs, unlike everyone else, so he looks like he was pasted in there from an entirely different photoshoot.

  9. Check the multiple shadow directions and strange skin tones. The only one that didn’t look cut and pasted was John. I Guess that only proves the original cover was pre photoshop.

    Or– it was photographed in the same studio as the Apollo Moon landing hoax.

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