Not Dead or Abducted or Transformed Into a Newt

Just having a non-computer-centric Saturday. Hey, it’s allowed, from time to time.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Y’know, I don’t think that Scalzi actually wrote this posting. I think it’s his computer pretending to be John and forging this “Please excuse John from today’s participation…” note.[1] The bit about having a “non-computer-centric day” is a deliberate ploy to mislead us — it sounds awfully stilted and out of character, doesn’t it?

Nah, that wouldn’t ever happen. The Computer is Our Friend, and friends are always to be trusted. Right?

[1] Oops, that’s the note intended for his online gamimg group and Twitter followers. It reads thus:

Please excuse John from today’s participation, as he will attend a memorial gathering in honor of the Last Area Code [2][3] along with his cats.

/s/ Mrs. Scalzi

[2] Per US convention until approximately 1997, after which 1+ dialling was mandated and seven- or eight hundred more area codes became possible.

[3] Traditionally celebrated on 9/19, of course.

@ #JJS

if that question is directed toward us (i.e. the commenters) i’m sure someone will tell you a newt is a small salamander kind of thing from europe, north america and sometimes asia. sometimes it’s even got bright, pretty colours.

if you are asking *scalzi* “what in the name of all that’s holy. . .” you are presuming that he still has an understanding of what is/is not holy in his current zombie like (and/or pod-person like and/or cyborg like) condition. doubtful. very doubtful.

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