Sunset 09/19/09

Don’t say I never did nothing for you.

20 Comments on “Sunset 09/19/09”

  1. John: You never did something for me.

    Until it is determined what that “something” is (since it is obvious that you can’t do everything for me), I shan’t hold it against you. Pax.

    hugh57 @2: Did our host specifically ask that you/we never say that?
    Why, yes — yes he did. (Changing the pronouns to reflect the one’s pov does not excuse one.)

    BTW: it’s money that changes everything — ask Cyndi Lauper if you’re in doubt. Double negatives just make it harder for the target of blackmail to get off the hook.  ;^) 

  2. thank you for a lovely sunset, John.

    Atlanta hasn’t seen a sunset in a couple of weeks now, weather seems to be stuck in monsoon mode at the moment. Next round should be here about midnight.

  3. I’ve done everything for you–you’ve done nothing for me–I’ve done everything for you. . .

  4. I’m sure my sunst would have looked like this if I hadn’t been taking a nap- there were three or four fires along the freeway today. Sigh.

  5. Upside down, it looks like California burning. Didn’t The Mamas & the Papas write a song about it?

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