Sunset 09/19/09

Don’t say I never did nothing for you.

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  1. John: You never did something for me.

    Until it is determined what that “something” is (since it is obvious that you can’t do everything for me), I shan’t hold it against you. Pax.

    hugh57 @2: Did our host specifically ask that you/we never say that?
    Why, yes — yes he did. (Changing the pronouns to reflect the one’s pov does not excuse one.)

    BTW: it’s money that changes everything — ask Cyndi Lauper if you’re in doubt. Double negatives just make it harder for the target of blackmail to get off the hook.  ;^) 

  2. thank you for a lovely sunset, John.

    Atlanta hasn’t seen a sunset in a couple of weeks now, weather seems to be stuck in monsoon mode at the moment. Next round should be here about midnight.

  3. Peter S – An American who having discovered anime a few years ago decided to start writing about it, which is sort of embarrassing considering I'm 55.
    Peter S

    That just doesn’t look right without a squirrel in the foreground.

  4. John P. Murphy – I'm an engineer and writer living in New England. My research background is in robotics and computer security; my writing is primarily science fiction and mystery.
    John Murphy

    Did you nuke Cleveland? You did, didn’t you?

  5. “Don’t say I ain’t never did nothing for you.”

  6. Whoops — meant “Don’t never say I ain’t never did nothing for you.”

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