Daily Archives: September 22, 2009

Please to Enjoy My Annual Offering of Natal Felicitations to My Female Sibling

Or, in less goofy terms: Happy birthday to my sis, Heather.

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This Is What Happens When the Hobbits Who Have Abducted Me and Forced Me To Act in Their Musical Finally Make Me Angry

Yup. This is about right. (If you’re just coming in at this point, a little bit of context)

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The Big Idea: Diana Peterfreund

A word for you: “Unicorns.” Did you roll your eyes? Oh, come on, yes you did. And yet, some part of your brain knew that one point, unicorns were actually cool. What happened to them? Can anything be done to return them to their former status? Diana Peterfreund has a few ideas on the subject, […]

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