Distant Early Warning

For Torontonians and others of a Canadian persuasion, I will be in your midst in early April 2010 (specifically, the weekend of the 9th 23rd), when I will speak at the Merril Collection, and do other such things of a public and/or science fictional nature. More information to come as details get sorted and we get closer to the date. But I just wanted to put it on your radar.

29 Comments on “Distant Early Warning”

  1. Man, I wish we had cool author-attracting things in Vancouver*. I hate having to fly everywhere to see them!

    *er, we do have the Writers & Readers Festival, but it’s never populated with many of my favourites.

  2. be sure to mind the gap while you are there. :)
    (i love those signs and have no idea why.)

    oh, and ‘ware the black squirrels! those little so-and-so’s have no problem coming right up to you and begging for whatever you are eating. even if you aren’t eating anything.

  3. Wow, a DEW Line reference John? Well, now I’m definitely going to be there.

    (I mean, it’s like a 20 minute walk from my house)

  4. Oh, I know this game! Ooh! Ooh!

    Regarding the proprietor, he’s got a problem with his poisons, but you know he’ll find a cure. He’s cleaning up his systems to keep his nature pure.

    (That was fun.)

  5. Great. “Torontonians and others of the Canadian Persuasion”. I’m going to be in San Diego in November. Come meet me!

    But seriously, congratulations and it sounds fun. I’ll be crying from here in Calgary.

  6. Ooh, sounds good. I’ve been to events held at that branch before and it’s a nice, cool relaxed place, plus there’s great cheap restaurants nearby.

  7. Neat! Toronto is kind of far from me (five hours’ drive from Montreal, which wouldn’t be so bad except I don’t have a car), but I will mark my calendar and maybe, with luck, I’ll be able to make it.

    What will you be speaking about? Or is it too early to tell?

  8. @15:
    Not only is that branch great, but it has ginormous gryphons guarding its doors. Really! They’re reading books, too.

    I’ll try to keep that time free. To think! I might see Scalzi in person….

  9. That’s great, eh! We’ll try to have Geddy Lee present you with a Tim Horton’s Double-Double when you get through customs.

  10. Nice try John, but one Rush reference is not going to get you a guided tour of Toronto from Geddy and Alex.

  11. Will anything be happening on the Friday? I’ve got to submit requests for time off well ahead, so early notice of any Friday event would be much appreciated.

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