Martian Sky

The sky this evening being the shade of salmon that makes one suspect one is on Mars, or in Australia after a dust storm. In fact, this is neither; it’s just a lot of haze right after sunset taking pink rather further up the bowl of the sky than it would normally. Still, nice to have an otherworldly sky, while it lasted.

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  1. An easy way to see if you’re in Sydney… check out the queues at the car washes this week.

    Nice sunset. Red sky at night shepherd’s delight…

  2. Had the same sight outside my porch window this evening. Made even better by the fact that I was drinking apple cider, pressed this morning from apples taken from trees at my in-laws farm.

    I like autumn.

  3. Perhaps you’re running the “Early 21st Century MidWestern Sci-Fi Author” program at Total Rekall. I hear it’s pretty good. Make sure you get the optional family and pet-owner experience. I’ve heard of some glitches with the bacon module, though, so watch out.

  4. Haha.

    Living in Arizona, there’s one thing–and only one thing–that I can say we have over most other states: Every single night, the light is some magnanimous shade of orange, red, or even purple. So ha, ha.

  5. It’s getting on towards harvest time where you are, right, John? That looks like the fall sunsets I remember from Iowa about this time of year, with all the crop dust in the air.

  6. There’s a difference betwen your sky and ours last week. Yours is a gorgeous colour, but the air doesn’t have interesting textures. In Canberra our air was a dusky pink and had the texture of an old-fashioned London peasouper. I wanted to scoop holes out and make air sculptures. Instead I went indoors. Because there is one other big difference between the Australian Martian sky adn your Martian sky. Your sky holds air that does hurt asthmatic lungs. It’s very lovely. Entirely bereft of topsoil from Lake Eyre, but very lovely.

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