The Next Couple of Weeks, Schedulewise

Because I like to get ahead of these things, I should note that this week and next it’s likely to be slow around here, on account that this week, I have a couple of projects I absolutely need to finish up (which will likely involve me yanking out the DSL line for several hours a day until they’re done) and next week I’m at Viable Paradise, brutally dismantling genially encouraging novice science fiction/fantasy writers. I’m busy with work both weeks, basically.

Yes, I know, I always say I’m going to be scarce and end up blogging silly amounts. However a) if I do, it’ll be after I have actual work done, b) it’ll be a bonus. Just managing expectations, is all. That said, over the next couple of weeks I have a lovely line-up of Big Idea entries scheduled, so there’s always that to look forward to. See, even when I’m busy I’m thinking about you. I’m just that way.

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  1. Do you have a special tool for the “encouragement”? This and Jim McDonald saying we’ll need to bring a leather strap to bite on when we learn the secret handshake isn’t giving me the warm fuzzy feeling I was expecting to have.

  2. And we all know what that means.

    Yes, Chang will be having a major Ghlaghghee-gasm by week’s end.

    Unless John decides to mess with our heads and devote the week to Kodi. Athena is in school, so I doubt she’ll be available to fill the blog.

  3. Viable Paradise! Yay!

    I think you should start every critique with “yes, I have read your fucking manuscript.”

  4. Greg @4: You think he *doesn’t*?

    And Scalzi: Dood, I can’t believe it’s been a year. Thanks for VP, and for everything since then.

    And you newest VPeeps: good luck! You’re gonna need it. MWAHAHHahahaaaaa!!

  5. I have a lovely line-up of Big Idea entries scheduled

    Curse you, John Scalzi! Waving books I can’t afford to buy in front of my nose! Sigh. I guess it’s time to start hinting for Christmas presents….

  6. It’s posts like these that me make go all fanboy here and to my friends about how great you are.

    Then they’re all like, that guy? I heard he was a selfish bastard.

    And I’m all like, let me count the ways that scalzi makes my sun rise and set.

    Then they usually walk away.

    But I continue anyways.

    1) he actually posts pictures of the rising and setting sun. A superduper hobby that I share.

    2)… And so forth until a fanboy froth of the mouth develops.

    I so wish this post was based more in sarcasm than truth. It’s embarassing. Except for the nature photography, that parts cool.

  7. to Steve @12:
    Ah, you haven’t heard about the “mandatory fun” yet, have you? Beware a knock on your door come midnight! ;)

  8. @ Steve Bucheit — is clicking on your name taking me to a site entitled “Bible College” on purpose?

  9. Yes. Me and my clumsy work fingers (note to self to correct tomorrow morning).

    Although, I’m having one of the moments I’m sure other businesses have when they discover that a mistype of their trademarked name lands on a porn site. (hmm, I wonder how many people I’ve sent awry, or at least given the wrong impression to?)

    Sorry about that Mac (and no worries on the last name, I get that all time time, I’m pretty good with innocent mistakes and tend to use them myself). I just had to make another parenthetical statement (to round out the night).

  10. At some point w w w. dosney . com which is one letter away from disney . com was a porn site. I think dusney . com was as well

  11. @19 — no worries, I just thought someone was pulling something kinda shady and underhanded on you. Glad it’s not so. (I’ve totally outed myself as a lurker on your site now, haven’t I. :-D)

  12. Less Scalzi to read online, just means more time to read “dangerous” stuff during Banned Books Week.

    And look who is still getting banned – Heinlein.

    Place your bets on when Scalzi will make this esteemed list! I’ve heard his forthcoming The God Engines is “painfully vivid, dispassionately bleak and dreadfully memorable.” Maybe this’ll be the one!

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