Daily Archives: October 1, 2009

Google Wave: Early Impressions

I received my Google Wave invite early Thursday morning and basically decided to chuck my work for the day and play with it, which was easy to do because fortunately I don’t have any pressing deadlines at the moment. So here are some of my initial thoughts on GWave, based on several hours of fiddling. […]

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And Now, Your Google Wave Invite Contest Winner

First, here’s the number I was thinking of: Shawn Powers got it first, but apparently someone else is giving him a GWave invite, so he’s good. So the winner is the next person who picked the number: Sarah M. Congratulations, Sarah! I’m duly sending your e-mail address to the Google Wave folks, who will send […]

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You Are Only Coming Through in Waves

Yes, I’m now in on the Google Wave beta, thanks to the invites of lovely people who deserve all the love and chocolate life can fling at them. For those of you currently in the Super Sekkrit Google Wave UberNerd Klub, my address there is (unsurprisingly) scalzi@googlewave.com. Add me to your contacts because otherwise I […]

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Another Sign It’s October

Right on time: The first frost of the season. It’s like Mother Nature specifically held out to put it in October. Mind you, it’s supposed to be mid-60s for the rest of the week, so this is more establishing an intent than actually dropping us into cold weather on a permanent basis. But, yes. Now […]

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From Film to TV, SF Style

The folks over at AMC were kind enough to allow me to self-promote Stargate: Universe this week, even though it runs on another station entirely, and so I did it by wrapping the SG:U mention around a column about other science fiction films that made the leap to the small screen, and how successful they […]

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