And Now, Your Google Wave Invite Contest Winner

First, here’s the number I was thinking of:

Shawn Powers got it first, but apparently someone else is giving him a GWave invite, so he’s good. So the winner is the next person who picked the number: Sarah M. Congratulations, Sarah! I’m duly sending your e-mail address to the Google Wave folks, who will send along your invite, oh, whenever they get around to it.

Thanks everyone for playing. We certainly had numerically-based fun, didn’t we?

31 Comments on “And Now, Your Google Wave Invite Contest Winner”

  1. woohoo for sarah m!!!!!!! :)

    (and oh god it’s in my head now. it’s in my head now. somebody please help me. . . .)

  2. Sarah:

    Too late! I’ve already inputted it in.

    However, I’ll note that since more than one person nominate me, I got more than one invite. So when you get your second invite, just pass it on to someone else. Works out more or less the same.

  3. Well now I feel awful. It looks like you can’t pull an invite once you’ve processed it. Sorry, whoever guessed it next, I guess I’m just a big invite hog.

  4. Hm.. Shawn and Sarah make it seem EASY to get a Wave invite… and yet, here I am without one :(

  5. “Just ring: three-six-two-four-three-six, hey!”

    That would have been cool as well.

  6. Well, that was the first number I thought of, but since I saw several other people had the same idea before me, I went another direction entirely.

  7. That was one of the numbers I thought of, but by then it had already been guessed two or three times.

    Guessing a transfinite number was a long-shot, but I probably distinguished myself with the least accurate guess.

  8. My second choice was the answer!

    My choices, in order, were: 1138, 8675309, and pi. And all three were taken by the time I got there, so I didn’t even bother.

    Ah, well, I’m in the tech field. It won’t be hard to acquire one myself anyway…

  9. This is so strange – I was just thinking of that song this morning, for the first time in a long time! (cue Twilight Zone theme)

  10. Ha. Well now *I* feel dumb. I was all set to type in 8675309, but saw that two people had guessed it before me, and decided I didn’t want to think of another number because I didn’t need an invite that badly.

  11. So, out of every 500 or so people, there are at least 5 who people who think enough like John Scalzi to accurately know how he thinks. This could have significant implications for other contests down the line… or at least gives a better estimate about the odds.

    Regardless, I’m absolutely impressed/happy/concerned with the fact that I am one of them!!! That made my night!

  12. Those of you receiving a Google Wave invite will be getting a number of invites of your own to send to people. One group I’d like to see get a Google Wave invite are the folks at Magical Words, a group blog on writing. I’d like to see what they’d do with it.

  13. Correction


    The folks at Magical Words are the ones I’m requesting a GW invite for. If I were the suspicious sort—and I am, I’d say that the other domain once belonged to the folks at Magical Words, but was later stolen by (They go trolling for expired domain registrations, and have the process of claiming that domain automated.)

  14. The sure sign that you are attracting a geek crowd: Among the first numbers to get guessed were Pi, i, 42, phi (aka the golden ratio).

  15. Had me in a guessing frenzy even though I didn’t know what Google Wave was either.

    I’m just picking up on the members only jacket trend.

  16. I had never heard that song before seeing it here (go ahead and gasp, disbelieve me or what else have you, but it’s true) and just after hearing it once, it’s now stuck in my brains. I shall have to put on some other music to drive it out.

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