Another Sign It’s October

Right on time: The first frost of the season. It’s like Mother Nature specifically held out to put it in October. Mind you, it’s supposed to be mid-60s for the rest of the week, so this is more establishing an intent than actually dropping us into cold weather on a permanent basis. But, yes. Now we’re on notice.

10 Comments on “Another Sign It’s October”

  1. Up north a bit, here in northern Michigan, that light frost you got would have been welcomed. I had to scrape an ice age off my windshield this morning… GRRRR

  2. And here I thought it was October because it was finaly cool enough to put down the top on the convvertible during my morning drive to work after putting up with 108 degree weather last week. (silly me)

  3. Lower Michigan (small town outside of Lansing) looked exactly like that, but with fog rolling off the pond. Your picture is better than the one I took.

    @Shawn #1 — any number of Yooper ex-pats are jealous.

  4. I wish that was the weather here in Richmond, VA. We were in the upper 70s today. My Amma was from Iceland, so I genetically say, “Bring on the frost!” I’m moving to Ohio!. (Or maybe up with Jim in Alaska – I haven’t quite decided.)

  5. In Canberra it’s a sign that it’s October when the @#$%ing magpies start swooping innocent passers by. It’s young male birds, who are not mated, and it’s a way of them expressing sexual frustration, apparently.

    Normally they just swoop close and snap their beaks at your head, but the one that got me, as I walked through the park at 7.30am on my way home from nightshift, must have had lousy aim because it belly-planted the back of my head and wrapped it’s wings around the sides of my face. Didn’t hurt, but scared the crap out of me because I didn’t hear it coming.

    As it flew into a tree, I amused a few people by shaking my fist at it in best grumpy old woman style and yelling “Don’t blame me if you can’t get laid!”

    Take it from me, live angry birds do not make good headgear.

  6. It’s like the notice of intent to suspend that schools have to hand out before actually suspending your sorry butt.

    Of course, a school can suspend you the very next second – and mother nature didn’t drop winter on us Thursday, so to follow the analogy, she’s playing nicer than the rules would dictate she strictly has to be.