You Are Only Coming Through in Waves

Yes, I’m now in on the Google Wave beta, thanks to the invites of lovely people who deserve all the love and chocolate life can fling at them. For those of you currently in the Super Sekkrit Google Wave UberNerd Klub, my address there is (unsurprisingly) Add me to your contacts because otherwise I will be Waving by myself, and really, what’s the fun of that.

Before you ask: All my Google Wave Invites are already claimed, except for one which I will dispose of here in some suitable contest today or tomorrow. Stand at the ready!

33 Comments on “You Are Only Coming Through in Waves”

  1. I, for one, vote that the contest be to be the person who had the first comment on this post. Unless, of course, I’m taking too long to type this. In that case, the rules would obviously need some tweaking.

  2. Nah, should be for someone who comes up with something undeniably clever. Someone like myself. Witness:


    See? Third comment; the word “third” misspelled as is often the case with those who type “first” too fast. Clever.

    I rest my case.

  3. ..or the first one who DOESNT comment this post at all.. muhahaha , gotcha 1st & 2nd commenters! I win the game this time!

  4. I don’t know, John. Inviting yourself sounds like a great way to ensure that you can find someone to agree with you.

  5. ‘In this case, giving it to the fourth commenter obviously wouldn’t work.’

    Unless of course, the poison was in your glass all along…

  6. so what are your initial thoughts? cause we all know you’ve been playing with it since you got the invite…. or will we get a full blown post at some later date?

  7. Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb.
    I should have scooped up that Google Wave invitation on Ebay for $70 . . . not.

  8. Oh, yeah! Don’t waste the invite on me, Scalzi. I only have one friend in the world, and he ain’t human.

  9. Can someone actually explain to me Google Wave actually IS? I remember trying to watch a presentation on it by Google’s staff and I Just Didn’t Get It. It looked like a browser with a chat client or something? I appear to be failing to grok what makes Google Wave a Big Deal ™.

  10. P.S. I’m reading The Cat Who Walks Through Walls right now… does that help sway your decision?

  11. Google Wave is, in it’s simplest form, a replacement form of internet-based communications. It is designed to be IM, Email, and Collaboration, all in one, with tracking, security, rollback, and whatnot.

    It is also an in-joke/reference to the TV series “Firefly”.

  12. WizarDru@16: it’s supposed to be a combination of email/chat/groupware all in one seamless package.

  13. Gah! I was supposed to wait until after you agreed to include the link to the monkeys.

    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

    You may have outwitted me this time. Next time, Scalzi! Next tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!!

  14. Just a note so people know….It’s really a ‘nomination’ for a GoogleWave Account. Which puts you in the queue for new accounts as Google expands the users. It’s not immediate, as Gmail Invites were back in 2004.

    There is no indication of how quickly Google will expand the Google Wave users. It is probably dependent upon factors such as how well the system stands up to the initial userload. I get the idea that this is more Beta than Gmail was at the beginning.

    I’ve already been nominated (already in the queue), so I won’t be participating in Scalzi’s contest, giving everyone else a slightly better chance in winning, whatever the contest happens to be.

  15. Meh. I’d love to hear your impressions John, but Wave will have to substantially replace email for it to be useful to me. More precisely, all of the people I now email with would need to be on Wave. So while I usually jump at this stuff… this time I’ll just wait on your Wave thoughts.

  16. One of the *features* as I understand it is that for someone to ‘start a wave’ that includes you (even if it is a wave of two people – them and you) they have to be on your contacts list.

    At least, that’s the idea I got from the online presentation video.

    Good-bye spam email
    Hello spam-requests to be added to your contacts (cf. Facebook Friends)

    I think the latter may be easier to deal with

  17. No, thanks, John. It doesn’t sound particularly interesting. :)

    Jack Tingle

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