Daily Archives: October 2, 2009

Your Stargate: Universe Series Opener Open Thread

I had a request from folks to have an open thread here while Stargate: Universe had its debut airing tonight, so here it is. Feel free to use it to comment on the show as you watch and to ask me questions if you like (yes, I’ll be here to answer them, and will also […]

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Even the Animals Look Abashed

Arguably the worst book cover by a major publisher, ever: Seriously, now, DAW, wtf? I know there’s a recession on, but there must be a better class of 12-year-old you can hire to push about the “liquefy” tool in Photoshop. I get that you were aiming for “chintzy, kooky fun” but you landed on “Fourth […]

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On Being the Stargate Universe Creative Consultant: More Answers!

Tonight’s the night for Stargate: Universe’s big debut (9pm on Syfy/Space), so soon you’ll be able to tune in and decide for yourself what you think of the show. I think all y’all will like it, but then, I have a reason to think that, don’t I. A couple of days ago I posted a […]

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