Frequency Reminder

Just a quick reminder that for the next week, posting frequency here will probably be low, on account that all my time will be taken up in the process of shredding the hopes and dreams of newbie writers and chortling whilst I do it helping the next generation of science fiction/fantasy writers expand their skills. That said, I’ll try to give you folks fun things to with themed open threads and conversational subjects, because I know how much you enjoy those things. Just promise me you’ll all be nice to each other while I’m busy. Becuase it’s all about the love here, right? Right.

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  1. And he does chortle. He demonstrated it last night for us early arrivals. All across the island babies wailed and kitties cried when he did it. It seems no amount of Coke Zero can sway his fearsome wrath, um, mollify his dread appetite for newbies, um, avert the loving mallet of correction,… ah damn. John’s just a jeans wearing, Coke Zero swilling, Cthulhu without the octopus tentacles.

  2. Damnit. Work work work work.

    I’m breaking out of this place. I’ve got a spoon-dug tunnel and a life raft made of glued together raincoats (there were plenty left over from yesterday). I have enough soap to make the model of the head to lay on the wooden board we call a bed here. It may not full the Scalzi, but it may give me a half an hour head start.

  3. They will spread their dreams under your feet;
    Criticise constructively because you tread on their dreams

  4. Is it Friday and time for a SG:U open thread yet? Last week’s was so much fun.

  5. John, thanks for taking the time to inform of your heads-downness. I’m embarrassed I originally thought you were two people (turns out one of you had a beard and glasses, the other did not) but now that it’s rectified, I’ve mentioned the “Scalzi-Olsen Practicalities” for why I won’t listen to unsolicited music. ( , if you’re curious.) Let me know if you have a better name for that.

    Also, I thought about why it may seem contradictory to some that you’re very generous with your writing advice, yet on the other hand have the “What to Know…” It strikes that “best use of my time” is a crucial specific factor (like Harlan Ellison selectively choosing which promising writers he mentored), so I’ll take that to mind, too.

    Happy enlightening!

  6. As an unashamed wannabee writer who long ago came to the conclusion that he cannot write to save his life, I am immune to such antics…

  7. Being that I’m sitting on the ferry waiting to go to the island…that frihtens me. :-)

  8. Ah, Viable Paradise.

    Every year about this time, the fearful anxious posts of the newbies arise while the barely-veiled doomtastic pronouncements of the instructors rumble.

    How I miss it so.

    Rake em over the coals, John, but in a gentle and compassionate way. They’ll be all the better for it. I know I was! And still am.

    Say hi to everyone, and wave at the jellyfish.

    – yeff (VPXI, “The Elevensies”)

  9. Everyone spare a thought for Matt Hughes @15.

    We all know it won’t be him leaving The Island. It will act like him. Sound like him. Post like him. Even look like him.

    But put him in a quiet room. Calm him. Remove his shirt.

    And there.

    There, in the middle of his chest.

    Held on with two inches of Scotch tape.


  10. I am glad you told us that the women on SG-U are all smart, because so far it seems *awfully* male. Command presence – Young, Rush, and the lieutenant. Brains – Eli and Rush.

    And the previews for next week show more Chloe hysterics.

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