Your Thread To Keep You Occupied For Today: Monday

Martha’s Vineyard is lovely, and the Internet connectivity here is spotty, and I am busy through the late afternoon. So: Your Thread to Keep You Occupied for Today.

Please to answer the following question:

Name a thing you like, beginning with the letters “Q” or “K.” Because there’s probably something, and those two are fairly underappreciated letters, all things concerned.

Don’t think about it too hard.

Have fun, play nice with each other, and I’ll see you all a bit later.

184 Comments on “Your Thread To Keep You Occupied For Today: Monday”

  1. Killer headache (OK, yes, I know that’s 2 words, but thanks to a migraine, that’s all that’s coming to mind right now.)

  2. Anne, in light of your migraine, might I suggest “quiet?” (and darkness, but that doesn’t start with a Q or a K)

  3. I’m fond of quickies. Not as good as taking your time, but worth every second of the effort.

  4. (Seconding the Quisp nom.)

    Queen‘s News of the World was a pretty kick-ass album — musically and graphically.

    Really like those little chocolate-filled koala cookies they sell at World Market. Actual koalas rock as well, but, I mean, chocolate.

  5. Kabobs on the grill… delicious… juicy… and in honor of my reformed vegetarian ways….
    Quionoa – a tasty treat in the right hands.


  6. Kawasaki Ninja 250! BEST MOTORCYCLE EVER!

    Small and light weight. Easy to work on. Amazing gas millage. And you can go just about anywhere with it. I use mine for:
    Commuting to work.
    Day to week long trips for local sight seeing and to visit family.
    Dirt roads.
    Anything else I can think of…

    Some people say it’s too small to do most of what I do with the bike. I’ve never really found it lacking :)

  7. Query. And “quire” because I mistyped “query” so often that I learned a new word . . . :-)

  8. I love the character Q from Star Trek, along with the ‘Q’ continuum.

    I also love Krispy Kreme donuts, and am glad I no longer live 2 minutes from a Krispy Kreme shop. (I drove past it every day. My car would just pull in to the lot whenever the ‘HOT’ light was on. Silly Car.) I’m now 30 minutes away, and don’t drive past it every day, so hot donuts would be a special trip.

  9. Qat, Qoph, Qindar, and Qabala
    Because you never get the stinking U when you need it.

  10. I like the card game Quiddler. It is played with letters on each card instead of numbers and you try to get the best word possible.

  11. Quiet. Living in the city you kinda get used to the noise, and Boston is by no means a “loud” city, but you’d be surprised at how much noise there is in an urban environment even when you think it’s “quiet”. Noise pollution is much more pervasive than most people think, and it can get to you.

  12. Quark, a scandinavian spread sort of like sour cream, but really wonderful with fresh fruit.

    And Quark, the cat of a physicist friend of mine. :)

  13. I like quilts (especially if they’re made by my mother-in-law) and kites (especially when my husband is parachuting teddy bears from them.

  14. Queechy Lake (the one in New York, not the Tasmanian Queechy)

    (And if there’s anyone out there familiar with the Tasmanian Queechy Lake, how the heck did yours get its name? The name of ours was changed from Whiting’s Pond, which honored one of the original settlers of the area, in an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Susan Warner’s novel.)

  15. My husband, whose name starts with a K.

    I guess that means I can include all my kids, too.

  16. TSmith @30:
    Ditto on the Quark! (Though I thought it was German) Vermont Butter and Cheese Company makes a pretty decent version. I’ve never tried it with fresh fruit, I usually pair it with Greek or Turkish seasonings on warm flatbread.

    (No votes for kimchee yet? Tasty stuff, that)

  17. Knuffles. (That’s a dutch word for a snuggly hug– pronounced Kuh-Nuffle)
    Also Quince Blossoms.

  18. In an act of disturbing synchronicity I put a Queensrÿche CD (Promised Land) in my bag for work today and actually put in on just before opening this site. Scalzi, whatever technology you are using please remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

  19. Quidditch (I would really rather watch that on Monday night, even if I am too old to play myself).

    and knikkebrød – Norwegian flatbread/crackers the Swedish brand (knäkebrød) Wasa is marketed in the US.

  20. “Quick Shop” –an old term for a 7-11 or convenience store. I like terms old enough (or regional enough) to be mostly out of use. Filling station” for gas station is another one.

  21. Koalas, and kangaroos, are both quite awesome, gotta love the Aussies. hah. I also second the Q from TNG comment above.

    Quark is “of Eastern European origin,” according to wiki, with citation needed. I don’t know more than that, but I do know it’s quite prominent in the Western European countries around here.

    I didn’t know they sold Wasa in the States, my husband was looking for it during his visits, never did find any. Well, not necessarily Wasa, but knäckebröd in general.

    Ooh how about kaleidoscopes, those are fun, my dad actually has a little collection of fancy ones. ;P

  22. Oooh, I’ve got one that begins with both! Kerbey Queso from Austin’s fantabulous Kerbey Lane restaurants. Guacamole covered in queso and pico de gallo and oh so tasty. I’ve only ever had it once in my life but on man, was it ever good.

  23. KISS (The hottest band in the world!)

    My son really wants to go see them in concert, but their New York shows are beyond of our budget.

  24. Well, I concur with all the people that said “Me.” ’cause you know, I do. (Yay, k!) I’m also fond of kittens.

    but lesse, going with q, there’s always questions and quirks and quarks and quests and quotes and quarts and quiet time and quarrels and quasi-anything and Queequeg and quails and quorums and quickness and quality and … okay, I’ll stop now.

    Also, I like the fact that you can spell q words starting with k, if you were so inclined. ;) (Kwik-stop!)


  25. Quibbling.

    (And all my K-beginning friends. I spent the first half of my freshman year of college being the only one in my immediate circle not named some permutation of “Katherine.”)

  26. Two quick ones, first, my daughter, whom we affectionately call “Queso” online. (Long story, she’s a fan of nachos, etc., etc., etc.)

    And (not sure how revealing this is), knives. Don’t know what it is, but every now and then when I’m flipping channels at night, I’ll hit the QVC or Home Shopping Networks, and they’ll be hawking knives, and I just have to stop and watch. I remember when I got my Eagle Scout rank, they told me that the local troop normally gives the new Eagle Scout a jacket or a knife, then immediately they asked for my measurements. To which I said “What? I want the knife!” This seemed a little surprising to them (he was always so quiet, officer), but come on – given the choice between some red jacket you’ll probably grow out of in short order or a utilitarian tool that will provide use for years?

  27. Kit Kats. More chocolate based loveliness. My secondary school had a machine that sold them next to the machine selling drinking chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmmm!

  28. Well, this may be a bit prosaic, but my answer is Kings and Queens.

    Not the royalty, actually. The cards.

    I’m a poker player. Squeezing my hole cards to see KK, QQ or KQ just makes my heart go pitter-pat.

    I like aces better–anyone would–but I’ll take the cowboys and the ladies any time.

  29. Seconding Quisp, Queerness, and Queso (cheese).

    Subtly different than Josh: Queers, meaning gay people. I miss having other gay people around. Been a long time…I think almost all of my friends are straight now. How’d that happen? I guess I don’t pick my friends by their sexual orientation, which is good…but I’m getting kind of lonely. In the Biblical sense of the word.

    Quart bottles (they hold enough water to be worth carrying around, but not so much as to be too heavy).


    Kids (no, not like that).

  30. Surprised no one’s put out kumquat yet. They’re sort of like bitter-tart grapes… not something I get all the time, but I’ll buy a pint every so often.

  31. Q-Zar. (It was a laser tag outfit back in the 90s. Not sure if they’re still around, but whatever, it was AWESOME.)

  32. I know I’ve already weighed in, but it seems wrong that no one has mentioned Kissing. (KISS the band has had a lot nods, but no references to the VERB as of yet.)

  33. There are no things starting with ‘Q’ in my language.

    Not a lot of ‘K’s either. I can only think of ‘kilogram.’

    So, whatever you guys decide it’s best, I think we all should have a kilo of it.

  34. @rreugen #87 – if we can include our native languages too, I will also submit “Kaffe”, which is the Danish word for coffee and “katte” which is the Danish word for “cats” and other words which start with a c in English, but a k in Danish. I think that’s cheating, though.

    I know – it’s the Swedish and Norwegian word for it too, but those aren’t my native languages, so there!

  35. Krispy Kreme…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    and QuikTrip gas station/convenience store. So many drink combinations!!!

  36. Knitting and
    (I like to knit while watching football – even better if I can also be baking bread, but I’ll have to save that for “double B” day)

  37. So no Quetzalcoatl fans out there?

    I can’t be the only person here that’s taken an interest in Central/South American mythology & dieties.

  38. So no Quetzalcoatl fans out there?

    Oh, of course! I forgot.

    And Quan Yin. Or Kwan Yin, either one.

  39. Quesadillas and the smile my kids give when I make them.

    Knives….because they are knives.

  40. Kendo: Upon finally moving to a city and having a bit of time, I am studying the way of the sword and enjoying every bit of it.

  41. Quesnel – my hometown that I came back to after living in the city – I really do love it.

    Qargate: Kuniverse – I had to fit it in somehow. It was the sci-fi highlight of my weekend. (Q and K in one thing, I totally get extra scrabble points.)

    Quiche – Real men do cook quiche, and I have a hankerin’ to make some – with Jalepeno peppers and some nice smoky ham. Mmmmm.

  42. Quebec City – one of my favorite places &

    Kinks (The) – does that really require any explanation?

  43. Many towns in Hawaii — Kailua-Kona, Kelakekua, Kahului. Anyone want to come visit?

  44. Quotidian, a good, everyday word that you can use every day.

    Kakapo, my favourite type of parrot; highly endangered, but magnificent.

  45. Quince pie. Tastes like apple, smells like honey. Mmm…

    I suppose as a potter I should say kaolin, but what can you say about kaolin? It’s white.

  46. Kepi – one of the few french words to start with K (it’s a Foreign Legionnaire’s hat)

  47. Kangaroos, Kittens, Quartets and Quintets of stringed instruments playing in perfect harmony, Quotients, Quarters, I would probably like Quiche if I were not allergic, Kink, Quail, Quickies, Knitting, Kisses, Questions, Quirky things

  48. I see several votes for Quisp- where’s the love for Quake? (No wonder he lost the contest!)

  49. I’m with Steve@99: Quahaugs (or Quahogs), without which chowdah would not be possible. Ya should try some chowdah out on tha Vinyahd, John.

  50. Qadgop the Mertocan, from Children of the Lens. We never did find out what happened with him and Cynthia, dammit!

    I like Questionable Content too. As for the K’s, the late great folk singer Kate Wolf comes rather strongly to mind. Eyes of a Painter, Muddy Roads, Love Still Remains, In China or a Woman’s Heart… One of the precious few artists who can crack me up every time, and a paid-up member of the Gone Too Soon Club.

    Speaking of which: also, and most definitely, Kirsty MacColl. Who broke through, incidentally, with a suitably smashing album called Kite.

  51. Getting kissed of course; its quite the thing.

    Kitchens! So full of possibilities and good stuff (yes, if you know me, I’ll invite you over for dinner sometime).

    And of course myself and my first name, Katherine, Kate or k-k-k-Katie as my mom used to sing …. when I was a kid.

  52. I’m terribly fond of the word ‘quintessential’. I just think it’s a marvelous word.

    And I love the John Masefield poem, Cargoes, that begins “Quinquereme of Nineveh from distant Ophir . . . ”

    Qualms often keep one from doing the Wrong Thing, and that’s a Good Thing.

  53. Kvothe, the main character of “The Name of the Wind,” by Patrick Rothfuss, a truly awesome first novel. Fans of Scalzi’s work would like it, I think.

    Knowledge, in many of its forms.

  54. Qishr – the tea (or, more properly, tisane) made from the dried skin and fruit of the coffee cherry.

    Kenny Burrell – one of the most soulful jazz guitarists ever.

    And King Crimson – because obsessive behavior in the name of art can have great results.

  55. Kodak. As a kid in the late 60s I took photos on Kodak film with a Kodak Instamatic 25 camera, and as a teen in the early 70s I shot Kodak Super-8 film (on a little Bolex 233). There was always something special, grownup and professional about their yellow boxes. Plus, you had to wait to see the result, a week or more – it’s not the same using an SD card where you can see the result in two seconds.

    (And I like King Crimson too).

  56. The Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot.

    Nah, who am I kidding? Way too pretentious, that.

    Kansas, the band. Because all we are is dust in the wind.

    Carry on, wayword sons.

  57. Quisp — the cereal box, really. I’m not sure I ever really got to eat any of the actual cereal.

  58. Knishes. Seconding: quiches, questadillas, knitting, quilting, kvetching (was that said? not sure), Quisp & Quake (which are just Cap’n Crunch in a different form)

  59. Kumquats.

    I don’t know what they taste like, but it’s a great word. When I was a little kid I thought it was a word made up by the writers of Donald Duck comic books. Then, when I got big enough to see over the produce bins at the store, I actually saw some. Teensy-weensy oranges, sort of. Or citrus grapes. Cool things, whatever.

  60. Quavis Kirk – great attacking minded defender for the Minnesota Thunder. Plus, he’s named Quavis…

  61. On the occasion of one of my favorite books — Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams — being turned into a TV mini-series by the BBC, a nod to the Komodo Dragon, the baddest, ugliest, scariest, most disgusting maneater on the planet.

  62. “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer.

    Quake III Arena. Still fun for me, even ten years after it was released.

  63. Easy, and it fits both letters: Québec, originaly spelled Kébec by the Montagnais.

  64. Kodak, definitely Kodak. I grew up in Rochester, NY and admit that I have been brainwashed by living surrounded by Kodak. Whenever I feel like going old-school and use my film camera, I still refuse to buy Fuji film…it’s always Kodak all the way.

  65. Quorn. It’s the leading brand of mycoprotein food product in the UK! It’s the processed cellular mass that is obtained from the filamentous fungus Fusarium venenatum strain PTA-2684! It’s generally recognized as safe!

    It’s pretty tasty, too.

  66. I love knitting. I love wearing hand-knitted things, and I love to knit.

    I also love quilts – especially my grandmother’s. She embroidered quilts for her 3 children, her grandchildren, and her great-grandchildren. I feel like I’m getting a Knuffle* from her every time.

    (* thanks 45. notThatcher! – i love learning new words!)

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