Our Little Visitor

Hey! Look what we found on the road today!

Yes, he was off wandering far from his home, so one of the VP instructors scooped him up and put him in the care of Elizabeth Bear and me. EBear contacted the owner and in no time he was here to pick up this little dude. As Bear put it: easiest lost animal rescue ever. And to boot he was cute and polite little thing. Can’t beat that in a dog which is not your own.

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  1. Aw, such a cute, shiny dog! Don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy for reuniting him with his owner?

  2. awww..who’s a good boy? you are! yes you are!

    Oh sorry, that just happens sometimes.

    He’s so cute.

  3. Even Sauron and Orcs cannot resist the Westie, they are too cute! And incredibly loyal!

  4. The best part is “EBear contacted the owner and in no time he was here to pick up this little dude.”

    Why was this so easy. Because the owner loved this fella enough to make sure he had a collar and tags with contact info on them, just in case. I bet he had a scan chip too.

    The last three stray dogs I found didn’t, which made it almost impossible to find the owners.
    2 out of 3 went to foster homes, the third got lucky when I saw a flyer the next day.

    Keep those tags and chips coming folks. The pet you save WILL be your own

  5. @14 Boo!

    Also, I’ve logged in for the first time in months to comment on how cute the dog is, which is hardly a substantive comment. Humble apologies for the lack of anything useful to add.

  6. Second cutest dog I’ve seen today. Good on you and EBear for the rescue – I’m sure reuniting doting owners and doted-on furry companions is a mitzvah.

  7. @18 Jeff when my dog gets loose he always manages to lose his collar along the way. I’ve got to get him chipped the next time the Humane Society is doing it cheap.

    Amazingly enough the three times he’s vanished we’ve gotten him back (shortest time: 4 days longest time: 2 weeks), minus the collar of course. We’ve never found him closer than 9 miles from the house.

    I personally think someone is giving him a lift (and let me ever figure out who….)

  8. @24 vian – most definitely a mitzvah of the highest order. taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves. :)

  9. @25 Skipjim

    Dude, I am so glad you get him back. I have to ask, is your dog a retired Greyhound? I have friends that adopted one and if you didn’t keep an eye on him every second, he would just take off and run and run. I understand that racing Greyhounds don’t know how to come back, just go.

    Good luck on getting that chip before the next episode.


  10. Jeff: He’s actually a German Shepherd/Black Lab mix. He’s fairly large 70lbs or so.

    The odd thing is that when he jumps the fence (a daily event around here lately) he just runs around the front yard and never leaves the property. Heck most of the time I find him sitting next to the front door when I go look for him.

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