Yes, Yes

No need to send me any further links to the article saying “Whatever” has been judged the most annoying word in the English language. I’ve heard. Noting that the “Whatever” here is meant in the context of “any thing” rather than an exasperated Valley Girl huff probably doesn’t change things much, I suppose. I’ll just have to live with it.

The Ultimate Juxtaposition

Yeah, these are two things I didn’t really expect to see together. And yes, it’s an actual flag for sale. I’m not precisely sure who the audience is for the flag, but I expect it’s small.

Your Thread to Keep You Occupied For Today: Thursday

Leaving aside the fact that the contest noted in the previous entry is full of delicious procrastinatory goodness (and even comes with a prize!), your Thread to Keep You Occupied For Today:

Describe the thing from your childhood, meant to amuse you, which in fact creeped the hell out of you. NOTE: This is meant to be a specific person, object, or thing. Don’t just say “clowns!” We all know about clowns, man. Zero in on a particular, if you please.

Participate in My Writing Assignments, Win a Prize

Look! Charlie the Chest Burster wants to say something to us! Let’s all lean in close (but not too close) and hear what it has to say:

“Hey, kids! Over at, John Scalzi is running a writing contest! Pick from one of the ten science fiction film-themed writing assignments he’s provided, and then write a short piece based on that assignment and put it in the comment thread. Scalzi will then go through the comments, and the one he likes best wins a prize: The DVD set of the original series run of The Prisoner, which AMC is remaking into new series this fall. Man, I love that series. I would enter the contest myself, but I have to chew through the crew of the Nostromo. You know how it is.”

There you have it. Enter as many times as you like, but one “assignment” per comment, please. Entries need to be in by noon (Eastern), Wednesday, October 14, 2009.

And even if you’re not interested in participating, go on over and check out what the assignments are, because I made them full of funny. And I know how you like that.