New Cover For The God Engines

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my dark fantasy novella The God Engines was getting a second cover, by artist Vincent Chong, who has done the artwork for all my Subterranean Press versions of the Old Man’s War series of books. Here’s that cover:

In a word: Excellent. I’m deeply pleased with this cover. In fact it’s being made the sole cover for the novella, because it is more accurate for the story in tone and imagery. This is not to take away from the previous cover, which had qualities of its own. But this cover is very close to what I saw in my own mind’s eye when I was writing the tale.

Chong is now putting together the interior illustrations for the novella, and once those are in, it’s off to the printer. I’m getting really very excited about this, because it really is something different from me — really different, people — and I can’t wait for you to get a chance to read it.

SG:U “Air: Part 3” Up At Hulu

That’s this week’s episode, for viewing on your computer. Here’s the link for those of you in the US.

I received a couple of e-mails yesterday asking me if I was going to do a oen thread for the SG:U episode last night like I did for the premiere, and in fact gave some thought to doing so but then got distracted by partying with and saying goodbye to my Viable Paradise students, who survived their week and are heading back into the world, so I plumb forgot. Sorry. But it’s definitely something I’ll be happy to do again from time to time. We’ll play it by ear.