New Cover For The God Engines

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my dark fantasy novella The God Engines was getting a second cover, by artist Vincent Chong, who has done the artwork for all my Subterranean Press versions of the Old Man’s War series of books. Here’s that cover:

In a word: Excellent. I’m deeply pleased with this cover. In fact it’s being made the sole cover for the novella, because it is more accurate for the story in tone and imagery. This is not to take away from the previous cover, which had qualities of its own. But this cover is very close to what I saw in my own mind’s eye when I was writing the tale.

Chong is now putting together the interior illustrations for the novella, and once those are in, it’s off to the printer. I’m getting really very excited about this, because it really is something different from me — really different, people — and I can’t wait for you to get a chance to read it.

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  1. Looks awesome, dude. It just popped up on my Christmas list. My favorite Scalzi covers:
    Didier Florentz’s French cover for Zoe
    Vincent Chong’s cover for The God Engines

  2. Neat Picture! Having not read the book (I’m sorry! Not in the face!) the artwork itself almost tells a story about Loki being nabbed by some nefarious monks/aliens/time traveling/dimension traveling beings who use his shapeshifting powers to power stuff. But where I was going with this is that it’s an awesome piece of art. Couple it with Scalzi story and it might just be magic!

  3. Love the new art. The old had a good cheese quality about it though. Either way my pre-order is already in with Sub Press. I can’t wait to see your take on Fantasy. I’m curious though is there a character in the book with red skin?

  4. Composition wise, it’s a much better work. Quite similar to the previous one, but has a lot more depth. I like how the yellows in the chained guy’s skin is echoed in the background an in the structure above him. The whole thing has a much more technomagical feel to it.

  5. A bit less of the Bacon Slaves of Gor vibe, which I guess is a good thing. (g)

    Nice– looking forward to this one.

  6. I’d be much more likely to pick this up in a bookstore than the previous cover, for what it’s worth.

  7. I like it. This cover makes me want to know more about the story. Suggesting a deeper plot and interesting situation. Jedi internment camp meets Dune/Sting fighter? oh, and not to mention the hair is in more appealing places!

  8. Now THAT looks like something I might want to read, even without the name of an author whose work I’ve enjoyed every time.

    It also makes me want to find the winch that retracts the chains through those holes somewhat (not all the way, that would be horrible). “C’mon, dude, show us the goods!”

  9. Hey, nice!

    No offense to your old cover, but I like this one much better. It’s a lot classier.

  10. I like it too. Intrigued by the Puckish looking individual in chains. I think this cover sends not just the “fantasy” vibe but very much the “dark fantasy” vibe.
    When is it coming out?

  11. “This is not to take away from the previous cover, which had qualities of its own.”

    that could be the most democratic thing i’ve ever heard, you really should go into international diplomacy… :)

  12. So, is God Engines going to be available on Kindle? I haven’t bought one yet, this might be the trigger..

  13. Awesome. I had pretty much the same response as David#2, down to the details, which says something about the power of narratives implicit in good artwork.

    And I’d *definitely* be more likely to pick this up in a bookstore than Bacon Slaves of Go… erm, the previous cover. In fact, if I spot this in a bookstore, I’ll pick it up.

  14. I can’t wait for me to get a chance to read it either!

    Also, John, was your “don’t know yet” in regards to the question about a release date (#14) or about the novella’s availability on Kindle(#17)?

  15. I heard you read a chapter at Anticipation, and this new cover is perfect. Congratulations to the artist for capturing both mood of the story and also some of the specific details.

    It’s nice when marketing, art and accuracy all pull in the same direction.

  16. This cover art looks just amazing! Can’t wait to finally get “The God Engine”. Will the book also be sold on amazon?

  17. Perfect.

    When you read the excerpt at WorldCon and then I saw this cover, it’s a brilliant match. Chong captures your insolent God, just perfectly.

  18. Vincent Chong’s artwork ist terrific!

    When can we expect “The God Engine” in Germany? Hopefully with better cover-artwork than Heyne did for the SF-Novels …

  19. SubPress made a good decision, here. I’ll be much happier having this book on my coffeetable

  20. Excellent cover. The last one had it’s own vibe thing going, but thins one turns my knobs over to 10. The textures, the extra characters, the color tonal qualities (and balance from the warm at top to the cool at the bottom), the “less than Bill the Barbarian build” on the main character, the addition of items that instead of being decoration makes the viewer think, “Hmm, I wonder just what that armillary sphere does?” And the type. Love that type.

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