Travel Day

The day will (hopefully) be simply packed with the getting on and off of airplanes, the seeing of the wife and child after more than a week, and the general ignoring of the Internets because of both of those things. So hope you have something else planned for the day other than waiting for me to entertain you. Yes, I know, nothing else is as much fun as having me dance like a monkey for your delight. But there’s the whole rest of the Internet. It might have something else amusing on it. Maybe.

See you all tomorrow.

25 Comments on “Travel Day”

  1. Oh, there are lots of other amusing things out there. But usually nothing as amusing as the Whatever.

  2. Wow! Look at all this neat stuff on the Internet. Did you know 9/11 was caused by Fran Drescher and that President Bush knew about it? It’s all here on this web site that also claims that Hurricane Katrina was caused by agents of the Trilateral Commission waving really big fans at New Orleans during a thunderstorm because the commission feared the Confederacy was regrouping.

    It’s true! The man in his mother’s basement told me so!

    I’d tell you more, but then I found pr0n on another web site and got distracted.

    I didn’t know the female body could bend like that.

  3. Here’s to a safe trip home and the rest of the time spent enjoying family. I will be spending most of my day in rehearsals for a Gilbert and Sullivan opera and not at all looking at the Internet.

  4. Yes which one? I’ve done most and the group I was in has done all but Thespis and The Grand Duke, the first would be hard and the second possibly harder. I also haven’t done Utopia Ltd.

  5. Niners are 3-1. Luckily for us die hard Niner fans this will get us through Sundays until January, but a little Whatever early Sunday morning is always nice. Have a safe trip and enjoy getting back home. That’s one of the nice things about traveling.

  6. Hope your trip is safe and uneventful. Tell Krissy and Athena we say thanks for loaning you to us for the week.

    It was mighty nice to have my daughter crawl into my bed this morning to give me a hug.

  7. Hi Scalzi and fellow Scalzi-Nation citizens,

    I am Laura and I am an out lesbian. It is National Coming Out Day for all GLBT people.

    If you are bored, you could watch the National Equality March on CSPAN… Its very moving.

  8. Now I have nothing to do this Sunday afternoon with the New Orleans Saints not playing today. Its their off week. I also have to find some way of forgetting that L.S.U. lost to Flordia last night in Death Valley!!!! And now you tell me no new whatever today!! Oh the pain!!!
    P.S. Go Saints Go!! Beat the Gaints next week!!

  9. *Yes, I know, nothing else is as much fun as having me dance like a monkey for your delight.*

    I don’t know that I’d say nothing else, but it sure is a lot of fun. Could ytou upload some footage to YouTube for those slack days and we can’t get it live?

  10. Other people have already taken the obvious, yet fun route of playing off the monkey dancing idea. *sigh*

    Well, we can’t all be the first to the easy joke.
    Have a most excellent day with the family!

  11. Because someone had to:

    Yo, Scalzi, I know you’re excited and I’m’a let you finish, but CHAD ORZEL IS THE ROCKINEST MONKEY-DANCER ON THE INTERNET!!

  12. Where is the happy Canadian Thanksgiving Mr. Scalzi?

    P.S. I enjoy your TV show, but could you suggest more boobs in it?

  13. But nobody except Andrew Sullivan has your wide range of topics, and I’ve already *read* him today!


    Seriously, enjoy the time with your family. And I’ll check back tomorrow.

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